Saturday, October 15, 2011


Just a quick update. Such a busy busy schedule coming up. My to-do list is as below:
  • complete my assignment for Science of Quran by this Friday
  • complete my assignment for Mass Com by this Friday
  • complete my assignment for Study Circle
  • complete my assignment for Drama by this week
  • Arabic quiz on this Thursday
  • memorizing the remaining surah(s) for Tilawah by this Thursday
  • memorizing Surah Al- Mukminun 1-13, and 1 doa for Study Circle by this Saturday
  • start revising for the upcoming exams
Whew. So far, I think that is all. For now in my head. Hopefully, I can handle all with great strength and willpower. And intelligence! Oh and I am thinking of joining the SNECU classes in UIA. I saw the flyers today. SNECU classes are for those who feel they are weak in Arabic language or English language. Which everyone knows I suck in Arabic language! 
Oh, and it is odd that those people that I used to see last semester, like everyday, because we will always cross paths, are now the people that I now rarely see. I mean, I think I only saw them like once or twice je this semester. This is sad. Sigh. All the best.