Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Ever wonder why i pull on that long face?
Its because my dear darling broadband,
last week it was with my brother,
and he left it in Melaka dengan pandainya.
So i had to go to UIA without it,
and it was very very agonising,
coz after all it was my first week of my 2nd sem,
and theres nothing much to do,
and i cant go online,
and my fishes in that HAPPY AQUARIUM are dying,
and they are sick because their tank is not clean,
those ugly algae is to be blamed okay,
not me.
oh and my facebook is getting super lame,
coz i cnt keep updates with u my peeps :(
ni pun online gune dorm mate punye,
i want to go home!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A quick-do.

Well ,
im just having a quickie over here.
will be gone to nilai in a few hours,
and will be moving away from house around 430pm.
whats the whole rush kan?
after all today and tomorrow are for the 3rd intakes.
thats the point.
my room has about 8 vacant beds,
and obviously they are filling it up,
tho' im secretly hoping they dunt.
i need to get my bed!
if i see my bed is taken,
shit u 3rd intakes!
takdelah kejam sangat.
just ask them to move their ass off
coz its MY bed,
im the senior,
and YOU listen to ME.
and end it with a sweet smile :)
im not evil :)
the reason why i want that bed so much,
is coz its located away from other beds,
its like in this cut-away section,
and that section only has 2 beds.
its private,
best to be on the phone,
have some quiet peaceful time,
or simply,
sleep :)
back off u 3rd intakes!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Having a positive turn in every thinking.

things didnt go my way as i had hoped.
yest was a pit downfall..
i felt like a failure,
like i will never succeed,
like its an end of the world.
thanks to my supporting friends and loved ones,
ive realised this is not the end,
its a new beginning,
and i should improvise myself,
work harder,
do anything,
so as to achieve my goal.
to mum and dad;
im sorry
i didnt give u what u had expected
im sorry i dissapoint both of u,
im sorry i ruined ur hopes u had for me,
but il make it up,
give what u truly deserve,
what u really should have,
mark my words,
i promise.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Private lives :)

So, yesterday we planned to go to Pyramid.
But things weren't as smooth as it should be.
Was supposed to meet up with them Shafiq, Fanah, Zack at 11 am.
But right when i wanted to get ready,
suddenly the aircond man came.
Nak pasang aircond.
and not just that,
he had to hack some walls to do some 'terusan' or sth.
which obviously will take up alot of time.
i was freaking out
i cant get out coz i cant leave the house with them je kan
so i had to wait.
and wait.
waiting is agonising.
waited till 2 pm
movie was at 2.15
by the time i wanted to really get ready,
it was kinda late,
simply grabbed my jersey sweater and rush off.
reached there around 2.25,
and i ran to the cinema.
like seriously LARI.
d worse part dah msk,
and kene pggl balik coz the hall was 12 and its OUTSIDE!
thanks tu adelah orang tu.
watched private lives of pippa lee.
slightly confusing,
but it was nice :)
after that pg mkn a&w's waffle with ice-cream
oh and went back like around 7.
tu pun i managed to grab my fav starbucks
hee :)
oh and oh,
yest marks a week of us together :$

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Events :)

Oh my god.
I am so sorry for the lateness of updating my blog dear peeps.
Its just that life has been hectic ,
the blogspot had some internal technical error,
so i cudnt load up pics the other day.
Anyway, enough apologising.
Lets start.
Here were few pics taken at Nash's open house in PJS.
Seriously,his house was so near to Pyramid.
I think it can be a second home to him.
But before that we were lost.
Halfway tgh call,
tibe tibe Milah said,
"tu bukan Nash ke kt tepi jln ckp otp?"
Hahah so much for asking.
Thanks Nash for the delish food,
esp laksa yang tak pedas tu.
My kind of style! ;p

I noe, im always moving.

Lets strangle her puffy cheeks! ;p
Moving on.
On the 17th Oct,
Milah's bro was getting married.
So being a goody friend,
she asked me to help give out the bunga telurs.
And it was cute!
Cam ade candle holder ngan litle cuppies inside it.
But i was standing for few hours,
and the next thing I knew,
my hands were all shivering and i felt dizzy.
Ni kene makan ni!
Mase makan pun tak brape betul.
Oh and halfway ckp ngan Shariff,
he suddenly said
"u Aimi kan?" -_-"
Honestly Shariff, if x Aimi sape aku dow. -_-"

The lovely flower gurls, me included! ;p

That's me and my pet biggie bro,
Latiff Danial.
*forgive my appearance, humidity got me :( *

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A follow-up :)

So on the 13th of October,
I went out to Pyramid.
Met up with Shafiq, Farhanah and Zack.
Kesian Farhanah, malu malu ekk :)
Had a rush hour time coz it was 2.05 and the movie starts at 2.20,
and we had to eat some lunch and decided on McD
after getting lost thanks to my directions :)
watched 500 Summer Days.
The gurl luks seriously like Katy Perry tho :/
*skip skip skip*
By the end of the day, im taken :)
Oh and oh btw,
I bought a blouse and a hoodie from Kitschen
And ade orang tu pandai tggl hp dlm cinema -_-"
Today is the 14th,
Wishing u all the best in life aite ;)

taken up :)

Yes peeps, im taken :)
Rest of the story coming up soon aite ;)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Home arrest.

Well,exams were way over.
Im currently having a 3 week sem break.
So u should be expecting me to jump up and down and cheering my head off,right?
Not quite right.
Since im stuck at hommie for 3 weeks, im supposedly to be helping up with the chores.
And if I want to go out,most of my peeps are not here to accompany me,
so what is the point of going out alone?
My peeps are off at uitm or some other thgs like that.
And if I did go out with other friends,
it doesnt help when my dear darling daddy is going outstation most of the time
when im here,
so my 'time for friends' will be limited.
And since im hommie and entertainment is honestly quite limited right there,
il spend my time baking some pastries or cakes or cookies,
gobble it up,
and end up getting an increase in weight.
Its not helping much,
since ive increased mine these few months,
although im underweight,
and need those fats,
the fats dont go to the right place,
it goes to the FACE.
The forbidden place.
I am so enjoying my sem break.