Thursday, December 3, 2009

Make me happy

You know,for now my life is making me sit on the edge of my chair,make me crinkle my forehead,and let me frown.
For starters,im under alot of stress.As all of you peeps know,i cnt handle stress well.
I have an Accounts quiz tmrw.
I have Comp quiz nx week Monday.
I have Arab quiz nx week Tuesday.
I have Econs exam, Maths quiz, and Comp quiz all on Wednesday.
Im seriously stressed up.
I gained weight because of it and I dont fucking care for the moment.
Fuck fuck fuck.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

whoop di woop!

i didnt update my blog lately
didnt devote myself to it
at least
i am now.
when out with my iium peeps
our thursday class ends at 3
and fri starts at 11
we decided to go out
coz Aisya had her lil Sparkie :)
watched A Christmas Carol
i noe,short kan.

arishah with her 'EUREKA!' look

rock'n roll peeps!

kenny's :)

and that friday
iium had no water supply
i stayed up till 5am watching boys over flowers
and at 7sth
they were like
'takde air!camne nak mandi!'
'aku saket perut!'
'aku ade kelas kul 8!'
etc etc etc.
i was like shit lahhh
mira went frantic
aisya was 'so?xyahla mandi'
arishah was 'im-so-not-going-to-class-if-takde-air'
i was 'ngantoknyee,jom ponteng'
got a brilliant idea tho
y not call mdm
and cancel the class?
of course i had to persuade Bad,
he caved in eventually'
he told madam
'sisters taknak pergi kelas sbb tak mandi'
'and brothers ramai gak taknak pergi'
and she caved in too
padahal shes on her way to nilai dah
sorry madam :(
but 10 mins to 11,
*our class was supposed to start at 11*
'weyh dah ade air!'
what the-?
pfft lah
neway i continued sleeping
with the rest of G3 doing the same

Saturday, November 14, 2009

when time is limited

passion fruit and mango i thk.

peanuts and stuff.

Ever since i left subang for nilai,
didnt have the time to update,
so my blog is like,
almost DEAD.
in nilai there is this new hangout spot la,
where it serves ice shavings which are so delish!
everyone wanted to go there,
since nilai is so deadly lifeless -_-"
(scroll upwards for the ice shaving pics)
oh and oh,
i miss my babes so much.
mane korang :(
sejak kite masuk uni sume,
dah tak contact cam dulu lagi,
dah tak otp lame2 lagi,
and biler nk lepak,
either x balik sj,
or ade finals,
or hangout with uni frens,
or things.
really missing u guys :(

from left:

ps: i was typing bout the ice room thingy,and forgotten to upload the pics i hastily added it on top.heh.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Ever wonder why i pull on that long face?
Its because my dear darling broadband,
last week it was with my brother,
and he left it in Melaka dengan pandainya.
So i had to go to UIA without it,
and it was very very agonising,
coz after all it was my first week of my 2nd sem,
and theres nothing much to do,
and i cant go online,
and my fishes in that HAPPY AQUARIUM are dying,
and they are sick because their tank is not clean,
those ugly algae is to be blamed okay,
not me.
oh and my facebook is getting super lame,
coz i cnt keep updates with u my peeps :(
ni pun online gune dorm mate punye,
i want to go home!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A quick-do.

Well ,
im just having a quickie over here.
will be gone to nilai in a few hours,
and will be moving away from house around 430pm.
whats the whole rush kan?
after all today and tomorrow are for the 3rd intakes.
thats the point.
my room has about 8 vacant beds,
and obviously they are filling it up,
tho' im secretly hoping they dunt.
i need to get my bed!
if i see my bed is taken,
shit u 3rd intakes!
takdelah kejam sangat.
just ask them to move their ass off
coz its MY bed,
im the senior,
and YOU listen to ME.
and end it with a sweet smile :)
im not evil :)
the reason why i want that bed so much,
is coz its located away from other beds,
its like in this cut-away section,
and that section only has 2 beds.
its private,
best to be on the phone,
have some quiet peaceful time,
or simply,
sleep :)
back off u 3rd intakes!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Having a positive turn in every thinking.

things didnt go my way as i had hoped.
yest was a pit downfall..
i felt like a failure,
like i will never succeed,
like its an end of the world.
thanks to my supporting friends and loved ones,
ive realised this is not the end,
its a new beginning,
and i should improvise myself,
work harder,
do anything,
so as to achieve my goal.
to mum and dad;
im sorry
i didnt give u what u had expected
im sorry i dissapoint both of u,
im sorry i ruined ur hopes u had for me,
but il make it up,
give what u truly deserve,
what u really should have,
mark my words,
i promise.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Private lives :)

So, yesterday we planned to go to Pyramid.
But things weren't as smooth as it should be.
Was supposed to meet up with them Shafiq, Fanah, Zack at 11 am.
But right when i wanted to get ready,
suddenly the aircond man came.
Nak pasang aircond.
and not just that,
he had to hack some walls to do some 'terusan' or sth.
which obviously will take up alot of time.
i was freaking out
i cant get out coz i cant leave the house with them je kan
so i had to wait.
and wait.
waiting is agonising.
waited till 2 pm
movie was at 2.15
by the time i wanted to really get ready,
it was kinda late,
simply grabbed my jersey sweater and rush off.
reached there around 2.25,
and i ran to the cinema.
like seriously LARI.
d worse part dah msk,
and kene pggl balik coz the hall was 12 and its OUTSIDE!
thanks tu adelah orang tu.
watched private lives of pippa lee.
slightly confusing,
but it was nice :)
after that pg mkn a&w's waffle with ice-cream
oh and went back like around 7.
tu pun i managed to grab my fav starbucks
hee :)
oh and oh,
yest marks a week of us together :$

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Events :)

Oh my god.
I am so sorry for the lateness of updating my blog dear peeps.
Its just that life has been hectic ,
the blogspot had some internal technical error,
so i cudnt load up pics the other day.
Anyway, enough apologising.
Lets start.
Here were few pics taken at Nash's open house in PJS.
Seriously,his house was so near to Pyramid.
I think it can be a second home to him.
But before that we were lost.
Halfway tgh call,
tibe tibe Milah said,
"tu bukan Nash ke kt tepi jln ckp otp?"
Hahah so much for asking.
Thanks Nash for the delish food,
esp laksa yang tak pedas tu.
My kind of style! ;p

I noe, im always moving.

Lets strangle her puffy cheeks! ;p
Moving on.
On the 17th Oct,
Milah's bro was getting married.
So being a goody friend,
she asked me to help give out the bunga telurs.
And it was cute!
Cam ade candle holder ngan litle cuppies inside it.
But i was standing for few hours,
and the next thing I knew,
my hands were all shivering and i felt dizzy.
Ni kene makan ni!
Mase makan pun tak brape betul.
Oh and halfway ckp ngan Shariff,
he suddenly said
"u Aimi kan?" -_-"
Honestly Shariff, if x Aimi sape aku dow. -_-"

The lovely flower gurls, me included! ;p

That's me and my pet biggie bro,
Latiff Danial.
*forgive my appearance, humidity got me :( *

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A follow-up :)

So on the 13th of October,
I went out to Pyramid.
Met up with Shafiq, Farhanah and Zack.
Kesian Farhanah, malu malu ekk :)
Had a rush hour time coz it was 2.05 and the movie starts at 2.20,
and we had to eat some lunch and decided on McD
after getting lost thanks to my directions :)
watched 500 Summer Days.
The gurl luks seriously like Katy Perry tho :/
*skip skip skip*
By the end of the day, im taken :)
Oh and oh btw,
I bought a blouse and a hoodie from Kitschen
And ade orang tu pandai tggl hp dlm cinema -_-"
Today is the 14th,
Wishing u all the best in life aite ;)

taken up :)

Yes peeps, im taken :)
Rest of the story coming up soon aite ;)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Home arrest.

Well,exams were way over.
Im currently having a 3 week sem break.
So u should be expecting me to jump up and down and cheering my head off,right?
Not quite right.
Since im stuck at hommie for 3 weeks, im supposedly to be helping up with the chores.
And if I want to go out,most of my peeps are not here to accompany me,
so what is the point of going out alone?
My peeps are off at uitm or some other thgs like that.
And if I did go out with other friends,
it doesnt help when my dear darling daddy is going outstation most of the time
when im here,
so my 'time for friends' will be limited.
And since im hommie and entertainment is honestly quite limited right there,
il spend my time baking some pastries or cakes or cookies,
gobble it up,
and end up getting an increase in weight.
Its not helping much,
since ive increased mine these few months,
although im underweight,
and need those fats,
the fats dont go to the right place,
it goes to the FACE.
The forbidden place.
I am so enjoying my sem break.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Well im almost through with my finals, im left up with Statistics and English Speaking Test. Honestly, im more afraid for the speaking test. Coz we will be sitting in the classroom one-to-one with the person who will assess you, and what it if i babble stuffs or just stay blank and wide-eyed open?
Anyway, throughout my finals, ive been sitting beside Arishah. And we always end up finishing early and badly wanted to get out of the hall as soon as possible but just dont have the damn guts to do it.
I will always be looking at her trying to say
"babe im done and are you coz den we can get out together?"
And i bet she thinks the same way,only we didnt cross glances at the same time,and we finally did like,half an hour later??Haha great. And it happen few times pun.Ape nii no chemistry?kate twins ;p
Oh and yest i went out to McD with Arishah and Shafiq. Dahla panas sbb aircon mcd rosak -_-"
And adelah orang tu mkn fries dengan selambanye.(inside joke)
It goes like,
A: amik fries*
B: oh ambik lah*
A: well she cant say no to me
C: thats not my fries*
A: *gives that stunned face for a while and continued eating cover malu*
Best kan Arishah lalu that road? ;)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Iftar again,we love iftars ;)

Well,today just a few hours ago,had an iftar at Mama's Laundry and Cafe.Its quite cool actually.But the process to go there,damn it!I went out from my hse around 630,and by the time i passed tru Shah Alam it was 715pm tanx to the rain and massive jam.As i got there,i went lost.Was like,shit,Seksyen 7 besar giler!Called Aisya J,for many many times.And there were situations like diz:
Aimi:Hey aisya,tlg i,im lost!
Aisya:Where are u now?
Aimi:Erm,Sect 7.Dekat Pak Li ke?Hurry2!
Aisya:Erm erm tak?Haziq,come on up here!
Haziq:Hello?Where are u?
Aimi:I dunt know!
Haziq:Just tell where are you???please!
Aimi:i dunt know!!errr ade construction...flats..and flats....
Haziq:Where d hell is that?i dunt know either!
And we danced to songs,karaoke,and limbooooo!We danced alot,shake shake shake! ;p


Splurge on the food,ppl!

Last sat,went to Impiana Hotel for iftar.Ouuuu.Food were everywhere,and in huge heaps too.Sume ada,cari saje.Everythg looks appetising *although everythg mmg luk appetising when ur hungry * and honestly,i lost my diet on that very day itself.

So last week ive gotten crazy,did thgs that i never/rarely did.But all in all,it was fun.Had fun wit with my course-mates,and non-course mate.Went to alamanda for iftar and also realising that curfew is at 10pm.Well,slept for like an hour?And went through loads of thgs,when i said loads,i mean seriously,LOADS but its fun to go through the memories,coz its very happy and enjoyable :) c'mon korang,bt lg ke nx sem? ;p

Friday, September 4, 2009

Oh man im so back!

I couldnt believe how back in time i was.Like seriously,br skrg nk bt FACEBOOK?Man i suck dat bad.Its not that im nt aware of its existence,its just that i couldnt be bothered at first.I was rather sceptical.i said;
Come on laaa,myspace friendster pun x terlayan,cmne nk tambah lg?
But eventually,i had to fall to it.Its not that i want to keep in track with the technology,its just that thats where my friends are.So rather,im into it coz i wanna keep contact with them since they r not dat active in other social networking sites. :)
Anyway,last Mon watched UP!It was cute,n sumhow touching.Awwwww :)
Anyways,finals r coming n im freaking scared.but at the same time,raya too! :D

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I love life :)

Well,when i tot things turned for the worse;
I got 20/20 for my maths quiz.
At first when i went up to my lecturer, she was like,agak2 markah kamu tinggi ke rendah?And i was like, Rendah rasenye,saya lemah maths.Tetibe die cam 'haa tgkla sendiri'.Oh my god,i was in a state of confusion for like 15mins?haha.Was very relieved and thankful to god.
Btw,to my dear friend Iwa who was quarantined due to fever flu and whatsoever,i hope u get well soon aite :)
Oh and this week byk kelas cancel.Best best :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Experiencing The Way Life Should Be

Lame giler x update blog!!With exams and stuffs, just couldnt have some time running to the cc and go online.BUT, now i brought my laptop and *jeng jeng jeng* my darling BROADBAND!! Hahaha I,can go like,go online,anytime i want,and anywhere!Finally!Hahaha best best. Hee :D
This week was quite bitter.Had a few downfalls in my life,and it really saddens me.Cried my eyes out everyday.Sigh.Oh oh and last Wed,i got some certain illness,and i couldnt go to class.It just fucking hurts ;( And then on Thursday,i went to the clinic and asked for some medicine,and man,they were rough.
Lepas tu kan,i asked for a simple MC,and he said 'timeslip je ley'.I was like,fineee,thinking it will be for like an hour or at least 30mins?But to my horror,the time slip was till 940,and dat time it was 930!pissed wey.
So i went to acc,since ive no mc.But in class i just couldnt concentrate coz it hurts badly,n my fren dgn pandainye raised up her hand and said 'madam,i thk aimi shud go back to her dorm' and i was sent back.den i rested.
after dat had arab class.i wanted to go but i luk guy friend tried to force me not to go but i did.still staggered to class.sat on d chair with my head bent down. my fren handed me paper,i tried to reached for it,but i couldnt,i felt a sudden dizziness in my head and collapsed :( but thankfully did not lose conciousness.just collapsed.
Note to self,dah ade peluang xyah gi class,amik class kene balik gak -_-"

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Last sat

Well,last sat went out.went to the dentist and MET WAWA!Hahaha best kan wa tgk dentist tu cabut2 besi dlm mulut ko n ko ternganga?hahaha dulu ko gelakkan aku kannn,padan muke! ;P
And that evening around 4,met up wit my peeps,Syidah,Mella,Wawa,Ryan,Kirin,Shafiq,and Zack,and gay!Neway,best lepak2 kt mcd,while exchanging stories bout dorm,hostels sume.Plus ghost stories -_-" Nak gak takut2 kan each other =D
Finally managed to have some time to spend time with u guys,such a reminiscence of those times where we use to talk and talk and no worries.And when i finally had to go home for university,they told me they r having a week's holiday?wtf.

Friday, July 24, 2009

i love u guys <3

Its been a long long time since ive updated my blog.

Well,im updating it now.

U see,i was too busy with studies.I had classes and exams at the same time.There was diz one day,i had class from 9 to 1040,another class at 12 to 1,another at 2 to 5,n my exam was 530 to 7.Wonderful day of stress dont u think? :)

So last week,i had a week break.But unfortunately my dear friends dunt,so im kinda stuck on the string alone.But anyway,i did went out last Wed,wit Iwa,Kiko,Shafiq,Zack,Apis.My dear campus friends they are :) Except Zack from Bj,n Apis,i just knew him.Well,watched Harry Potter,and i had a great deal of fun.Not the movie,but during the movie and throughout the day.And i really mean it :)

Its disheartning how 'the incident' of 1st July pulled sth away from me,but now im getting it back on track sumhow.It hurts,but thats the only way i could be happy.I know,it takes time to heal.But im just hoping it heals fast,coz honestly,i cant bear being down.No,i wasnt down.Mean,i was at first,but i let out my feelings that very night with my heart ache from sadness,with drops flow from my eyes,with my shuddering sobs turned to racketing hiccups,with my fingers trembling with such shakes.And i couldnt talk,dere was diz huge lump at my throat.

Soon after,i let go of everythg,till i was numb,till nth flows out from my eyes,till my sobs turned to long breaths,till my hand hold the edges of my pillow tightly.Im strong.I can move on.I am moving on.I have my friends,and everyone around me.Wanna thank u guys,for being dere for me.Seriously,aku sayang korang sesangat.Never had any better friends like u guys cm MELLA,SYIDAH,FARN,JUE AND MANY MORE.Muahx! =*

Friday, July 10, 2009

Missing them ;(

Ive been here for almost 2 months.
I go back every weekends but theres always things i have to do that i cant c my babes.And when i finally did have some free time,i cant c them.How great.

Last week,nak kuar with my babes but SYIDAH couldnt make it.damnnn :( babe,aku seriously rindu kau.Byk giler aku nk cite kat ko,gossip sume.Nx nx week aku cuti mid term,can we meet up dat time?Rindu kauuuuuu.

And MELLA, aku pun rindu kauuuu.Last week dpt jugak kuar ngan kauuuu,n kite gi try2 baju kt kitschen kan?lame giler kan?n bukannye nak cr kasut aku,or barang last2 kau dpt gak barang kau kannn =D

Since we left school and moved on to universities/colleges,we dun spend time as much as we use to kan...the outings get lesser,the calls get shorter,the comments get further apart,and many more.korang jgn lose contact!if ade siap koranggg.
Muahx to my babes =*

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

sicky :(

Well.yest was statistics test.
And i actually did noe how to do!i means,seriously,i ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND STATISTICS!!

Haha but but,it consisted of two pages,and i think i managed to get the first page right,but the second one was like related to each other.

U noe,its like 4a,b,c,d,e.Without a,u cant do b,or c,or d or i screw up A since i left a vital info,n realised it when im at b.And screw up B n realised it only at c.And so on and so on and so on.

And thanks to adelah seorang budak ni yang x ckp die demam,so,i had fever too!But as a deal,i gave budak tu my FLU!Haaa amik koooo.padan mukeee.So since dat person feels guilty,im waiting for my MILO MONSTER as a forgiveness token.Yesss!
Hahahaha evillll ;p
Neway got a time slip so cant attend arab :) Heee suke suke suke.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Life now.

Ive been in uia nilai for like 2 weeks?

Since im only here for like,a year?So my classes cam packed giler taw x.
Everyday,Mon to Thurs classes start at 9 and finish at 4.On Fri it starts at 8 and end at 5.Cm wtf je?Fri is supposed to be freeeeeeee~.Which it turns out not to be,turns out to be my busiest day of all.Fuck fuck fuckkkkk.
Neways,dorm turns out to be fine.Kind airy and roomy and spacey.
Studies suck.Well,not all.Maths suck like seriously.Had a test today.And gez wat,its like add maths actually,name je suck giler kan?I cant remember wat to do,i knew the formulaes,just cant apply it.Whats the point?I bet my teacher will be dissapointed.

Oh and last sat had party at iwan's.They were like 'eh maggie dah itam.ehh maggie dah gemuk'.Panas okayyy,n gemuk kejap jeeee.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The rationals and the irrationals.

So since im a student right now,im currently learning subjects im weak at.Statistics,Mathematics 1 and 2,Accountings.oh and eng,but im fine with that.
Had maths lessons just now,sorry cikgu,tp suara cikgu soft sgt!had to really prick my hearing to figure out what she was i was really understanding :)
but hey,i tried okay.and it suck.we were learning real numbers,composite numbers,integers.oh and rational and irrational numbers whether they are nonterminating and nonrepeating decimals.
Took some time to understand?i did too :)
Allow me to read out a few Qs.
  1. the union of numbers with non repeating and non terminating decimals is irrational.True or false.
  2. the intersection of the set of real numbers and the set of rational numbers is the set of decimals that either terminate or repeat.True or false.

I did try doing the exercises.will try agn n agn.damnnn im a student,dunt do last min studying lagi!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Catching up with time.

Been a long time since i updated my blog.Well,il update u.So this will be a long one.
25th May 09.
That dawn,slept at 130am.and woke up at 330am.giler kan.d nite before had a briefing on ept (english proficiency test' and apt (arab proficiency test).so today was supposed to do the eng test.was really2 sleepy,n d test was boring,and even slept during it.then had arab.lagi tido coz xtaw pape.and the nite had rehearsal of opening ceremony,lagi tido.
26th May 09.
Had qiyam.bgn at 330 agn.serious shit sleepy we.slept during disciplinary and welfare briefing.slept during counselling.slept during sum briefing durung d,had blisters and i fell down d stairs.shit.
27th May 09.
Tido.Tido.Tido.den demam left ankle beginning to swell.ponteng briefing and activities.
28th May 09.
Saket kaki.went to the doc,she said infection,and gave cream.ponteng and ponteng.leg hurts badly.damnnnn.
28th May 09.
Fardhu ain test.tembakkkkkk.xtaw pape sgt.dey ask,maksud al fatihah?tajwid mad sth?doa masuk tandas?padankan kitab dgn rasul?i was like,shit ni lah x pg skola agama and x dgr kt skola.pandaiii.
29th May 09.
Mummy saw my leg and she was panicky.Trus pg doctor in subang.he said,i thk u better go to the hosp.i was like,wtf dat serious ke?when to sunway med hosp,trus referred to the specialist.Dr. Hayzan.He said ni infection of tendon ni,if u come any later,urat u akan terputus and kite kene bukak lah kaki u ntok bt surgery.So now kene letak iv kt tgn and inject antibiotics.shitttt.
Dey took blood test and i was sicky,took my xray which the bed was freezing cold,and poked the iv into my hand.Aaaaaaaaaa.
30th May 09.
Syidah mella and hyda visited.hahaha dey were freaking out when they say my leg and lost ankle.hahahah.
neway.went out of hosp on 31st may.
but when dey did d wound dressing it badly hurts.die tekan tekan d blister aka wound part sampai kuar all the darah kotor yang terkumpul, then sapu air garam on the damn wound.pedihhhhhh.had to do dat everyday until my leg is back to normal.crapppppppp.
And today,found out that i got a band 6 in my ept, n level 1 in my apt.yeayyyy.means im doing my foundation for a year,but with two sems and a short sem.Oh and forgot to mention,the doc gave me a week's leave n four weeks excused from wearing shoes.and im getting a new pair of shoes.yeayyyyyy.
Tomorrow my class starts a 9,so il hope il find a friend there,and hope it will be fun and less stressing :)
p/s:miss korang sgt2.when im free lepak jom! :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

With them :)

Been a long time since ive updated my blog.Sorry peeps,busy with many many stuffs.Anyway,yest went out wit my frens.Syidah Mella Jue Faiz Ryan Apek.Really gonna miss them since tomorrow im leaving off.We were really fickle minded.Nak makan tu nak makan ni.Or as Syidah said, nak makan STH CHEAP,TASTY AND AFFORDABLE.

Limited kan those type of food.So ended up eating ate Old Town.Yum yum.

Btw,about fossil.Got a call from sunway saying that my watch is repaired.SEE MY COMPLAINT WORKS AFTER ALL.PUAS HATI.And it came back all nice and shiny and the staffs sume frenly plak.Dah kene warning ek.HAHA PADAN MUKA KORANG!

Watched Nite at the museum 2.Funny,but in my opinion the first was better.coz we kinda know the storylines and the plot and all in all,predictable.But its a nice movie actually,esp for families and friends :)

Oh oh and,met Wawa! Sorryyyyy wa managed to see u for like,10 mins?Very kind of you to come all the way and see me eventho for just a few moments.Really really appreciate it.

And-Yik Cheong!aka Panjang *for his height* and also Brocolli!*since his name starts with a 'B; that is Brandon*Was walking when suddenly i heard 'mee goreng!' and i was like eh eh only one person calls me by dat name and that is yik cheong.He is getting taller weyyy.Seriously yik cheong,u better find a partner almost ur height.Like seriously.

Mella tired of doing candid pose.Haha candid la sgt milahhhh ;)

Ryan showing his 'samseng' facial expression.Righttttt.
Btw since im leaving tomorrow doubt il be online since not bringing laptop soooo wunt be updating for a few weeks.And that includes myspace.
Take care aite everyone,will miss u guys alot.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Yeah,that's my name.Amy but it looks like Anuy.And its green.I dislike dat shade,yet dat lady wrote it in dat colour.It was 16th of May,Teacher's day, and also my daddy's birthday.He is 53!Cant believe dats his age,and I hope there are lots more to come.

Thats the cuppies.Choc Fudge.Adorable kan?

So last Fri went out with Mella,Apek,Wawa,Kirin and Syaza.Ryan joined in later.Had a terrible experience at Fossil.I am so complaining.Sent it for repair,but it came back with loads of scratches.And the staff can blame me??like wth.Did an official complaint,but the staff did those ticking sounds (ala yang mcm 'tsk'.those sounds dat u make wit ur tongue when ur pissed or irritated) while attending to me.Then I said, I want to sent it back,because im not satisfied,then they say il only receive in 3 MONTHS TIME.Ridiculous.

Anyway,enough of the anger.Watched Angels and Demons with them.Sorry Ryan,I always talk in movies.Hee :) In my opinion,from the way they plot the movie, they made it show as if everyone has their motive thus ul be thinking 'maybe this is the one who did dat' or 'ntah ntah diz guy'.

Oh and met Navina,Shaung,Adam,Dinesh.And when I told them Im enrolling in UIA,they were like this:

Aimi: Eh guys, Im going to UIA taw.Economics and Sc management.Its in Nilai.

Navina: Wat does that stand for?

Aimi: Close,but not.Universiti Islam Antarabangsa.

Navina: Eh means,you have to wear tudung!

Adam: Aimi wear tudung?Omg,i cant imagine.Ive never seen her in one.

Dinesh: Eh yeah never see!Eh got laaa,in school.during agama oni she wear.

Shaung: Yeaaaa!Like Cina like dat.U wearing tudung ar?Aiyooo aimi,u sure ah?

Cant believe?I cant either,but will soon be.

me and mella,in Pappa rich.

mella and syaza.

her being bored waiting for food.

Im leaving end of the week.Really miss u guys so much..taa :(

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day of hyperness n fun :)

Maybe its the Gloria Jeans Choco Locco, or the choc muffin that i only had a few bites and Milah finish it off or we were just having pure fun.As usual, being a hyper as i am,i laughed my head off even at petty thgs.And we took loads of pictures and went lunatic at Toys 'R' Us. * and i was crazy over there,i saw a Plankton toy that if u press this sum kind of thg,its eyes n tongue and will pop out,and this Elmo that if u press its tummy,it will sing 'Mmmuahh!Elmo loves u,blablabla' and it ends wit its signature laughter,and this masquederate masks,and many more lah,i was very excited as u can see*
thats Mella :)

Syidah n Ryan (note syidah's face ;p)

Yeah,her face expression is priceless!Hahaha im deaddd.

Thats Jue,shes stuck in dere coz Ryan locked her in.she still luk gd kan?

The Wall.According to theory,it makes u luk taller.Does it?

Syidah showing off her nose,and Jue,awww :)

Jue striking a pose.

Out of ideas to pose,except jueee.



Candid shot.



As you can see,i suck at blogging.byk lg pics,but i had problems uploading n i cant find the pics from my hp and stuff.But il try to upload it as soon as possible after i fix d prob aite.And dear frens,tanx for d outing! :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Frankly speaking, im quite excited to go to UIA.Or maybe, its the shopping part.Isn't it fun buying stuffs for yourself? * and especially its not your money pun!*

Like my mum said,macam nak pindah rumah.Bought tees,electric kettle,bedsheets,pillows,pails,hangers and stuff.and to think of it, I need to get more stuff * oh and yes,my selendang *. Thats the fun part.But all good things must come to an end rite?Mine is coming soon.Like,really really soon.24th of may and i will be off. :(

I feel time flies really fast.Felt that f3 was just then,getting ready for PMR examination.Felt that f5 was just then,fooling around in class wit 5 Nekad and surrounded by the motherly warmth from Pn. Mah.Felt that spm was just around the corner and we were panicking.getting spm result from school is still fresh in my mind.And now,we have grown up,and going to unis.
How time really flies.
Neways,enough memorablia for now.Need my beauty sleep,since tomorrow will be seeing Jue Milah Syidah and idk the rest.Missing them so much.


Sunday, May 10, 2009


Okay.this is actually blogging, like, after a whole long period of time thkg of it.but now im actually doing it.*seriously,its just a blog.but sedang ketinggalan zaman and dalam kejakunan* ive alot of things to say,or type literally,but its weird blogging too much on my first blog.soooo...i gez dats it?