Saturday, June 26, 2010

A wedding of the family.

Okay it was a hectic week last weekend. On the 19th of June was my sister's solemnization. And on the 20th was the wedding. Well, I managed to take pictures from the nikah, but as for the bersanding I did not, because I was among the bridesmaids for her.
The rest of the pictures are on Facebook, but here are bits and pieces of it.

Upacara membatalkan air sembahyang/ invalidate the ablution event


Me and my cousin, Syaira

bunga telur untuk tetamu yang merenjis/ gifts for the guests who gave their blessings

the bedroom for the newlyweds

My cousin, Nadhirah and me. Don't I look tall? :p

Me and my friend of 12 years, Amirah. And yes, she's my bestie. So I call her Milah :)

Syidah, me, and Shaza. My babes too :)

And that is my twin in UIA, Arishah. She's taller than me, and she's wearing flats. Grr.

The inai/ henna I applied on my fingernails and toenails :)

So yeah, you have a rough idea of the ongoings based on these few pictures :D One thing I'd like to share, we provided a guest book to wish the newlyweds. So when I wrote mine, my relatives said that mine was too long, and it looked like an essay -.- Its not like I filled the whole page didn't I? It was about three quarter of the page only. Hee. Hey, its all my thoughts for them okay. And also considered a doa. See, its for the best for both of them, and don't complain about my great writing skills :D
Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS to my sister and my brother-in-law : Alia and Fazli. :)

Friday, June 18, 2010


The other night I was bathing with Dayang (mind you, different stalls) when she asked me ( yeah we talk while we bath), " Maggie, ape yang Maggie tak puas hati dengan diri sendiri? Dari segi luaran?" Or in translation she is asking me, what am I not satisfied with myself physically? It took me a while to answer. Let me explain to you why.

I am lucky enough to be blessed with a fair complexion. Or to be exact, of a yellowish tone. I do have blemishes, bitsy here and there, but not prominent or obvious. A speckle only. Okay, maybe I do get visits by one or two pimples, but that is during the time of the month. I am lucky enough to have proper natural eyebrows, I don't have to pluck it. Though I have slits for eyes when I laugh or smile, I am still proud of it. Though I have a not-that-sharp nose, at least it shows that I am imperfect in some ways. Or when I did braces to straighten my teeth.

I am lucky enough to still have a slender (?) body despite of my eating habits. Although I do have a soft tummy instead of a washboard abs, but hey, that makes me different right? Though I am not as tall as Arishah, I am still proud to stand at a 161cm. I don't have beautiful flowing locks. I only have wavy shoulder length hair. If you think wow, wavy? Think again. Mine gets fluffy at all the wrong times. But hey, its not a big problem isn't it?

Or maybe I am too optimistic.

Anyway, my answer to her was : assets. -.- hahaha

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Something different.

Right now, I have no classes in the afternoon. Only in the mornings. I know, some of you may prefer class in the afternoons then mornings. Trust me, when you are in Nilai you won't want to. Reasons why? Its damn hot to walk under the scorching blazing burning sun right over your head with no shelter for you. Using an umbrella helps, but it doesn't reduce the sweat doesn't it? Hmm so yeah. I have the advantage to avoid all that by staying in my dormitory since of the absence of classes.

To combat my boredom, I actually spend my time completing my homework and revising some notes. I even have enough time to read novels in between time, have my evening nap, and even go online. Seems like I do get benefits from my free time. :)

By the way, my phone had gone cuckoo. It refused to charge itself, I tried charging it the whole night, but it only went up a few percentages? Seriously? The only way is to remove my battery and then stick it up into someone else's phone and charge. Hmmm. Weird way I know. So I've got a solution.
Get a new baby! Tadaa~

Its called Vivaz. And by Sony Ericsson. Heee. My new baby is my new love! ;)
I am so happy :D

Friday, June 11, 2010

7th June 2010.

Slits for eyes and fats for cheeks.

I know. Its been awhile since I blogged. Forgive me, because I am quite busy with certain stuffs. But hey, I'm back on track now right? :)
Last Monday was Shafiq's birthday. So when it was midnight, I rounded up my friends and sang to him Happy Birthday. And then he asked " You ajak your whole dorm nyanyi ke?" When it was a total of 4 of us! Hahaha, we must have sang heartily :D
And then, on Monday itself we went out to celebrate his birthday. What I gave him I will not announce here okay. And also what we did. But it did somehow made him happy and all beaming with a big smile plastered on his face *kan sayang? I am not imagining things kan? :D *
10pm was my curfew. We arrived at the station at 10pm. and there were no taxis around. In the end we hitched an airport taxi. Desperate right. The thing is, I was panicking my ass off. Seriously. I was whining and muttering to myself of what excuse to mention to guards. And blaming him for the delays and stuffs.
And he was laughing. To be exact: at me. Probably he thought I looked funny with my worried expressions. And when we arrived, there were no guards. And, the gates were open. :o For me! Lucky me. And of course, He laughed all the way to his dormitory. And even said " see I told you nothing would happen. Trust me" .
We'll see okay next time.
And I'm glad I provide you with all the er, laughter? Hmppp.