Saturday, February 27, 2010

From Paris, With Love.and Misc Pain

On Friday, went to Sunway *again* after the Friday prayers with my brother. He dropped me off at the entrance while he searched for a parking lot. I was assigned to see movie showtimes. When I arrived at the cinema area, I was basically squinting.
I couldn't see without my glasses!
Which I did not bring obviously. I was still trying to squint my best and try make out words (for the movie titles) and digits (for showtimes).
And out of a sudden, someone called
and my immediate response in my head was
"Finally a saviour!"
Was too relieved that I immediately responsed with
" Oh my god,i love you!"

It was Nat.

Sorry! And I said that in front of his gurlfie, sorry dear! :) Neways, he helped me read the screen alongside with his gurlfie giving out which had stated FEW on them. Thanks u guys!
Oh and had a surprise when I sat in the cinema, 'cause right then a girl that looks TOO familiar sat beside me.And I was in disbelief, because it was Fanah! Shafiq's best mate :)

Btw, my legs are killing me 'cause I walked in high heels the whole day! Was too tortured by it that I simply take it off and rested my legs for a while in the mall. Haha. I did that many times in my life dah. :D

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

When you have low anti-bodies.ishhh.

Its odd that when you are away from home, the very place you wanted it to be: home.
But, when you are at home, all you wanna do is: go out.
And that is why it is called ungrateful :)

Oh and oh, yesterday I went off to Sunway with my parents.
I left them in a spot to sit, while I'm supposed to find Fossil and repair my watch.
*its battery has died,and its stones dropped off thanks to someone*
Then, I ran downstairs to get reload asap.
*didn't want my parents to know coz I don't want them to find me as a daughter who don't know how-to-manage-her-money-well which I am*
And yes, on the way up, I felt like..the surrounding noise was getting faint..and everything started to be hands and knees were trembling..had a hard time trying to focus...was having cold sweat..had to sit down for a while to be okay again.
Then,it occurred to me that, I am not supposed to run.
If i do that, I'll be dizzy and have these faint-symptoms.
Haish. :(
Lucky I was okay by night time.

P/s: Have a safe journey bie from P.D to Nilai, Nilai to B.J,come home soon, I miss you! :) and thanks Daddy for the Bvlgari perfume eventhough its tiny,I still love it :D

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Yeay and Nays.

I feel accomplished.
Not for my exams if thats what you think.
I did something :)
And felt proud of it :)
Yeay me :)
Okay,three smileys in a row.
Means its good. :)
A fourth one.
Cant contain my feelings,can i?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Everywhere but here.

Situations are to be blamed.
Things don't go like I wanted it to be, things go wrong when I wanted it to be perfect..
Wanted you right here, right here with me, by my side..
But like you said, least you're still close to me, in my heart..
So, you're almost here with me, just need more imagination to make it real.
I could do that,on any other days like I've always did.
But tonight, I'm weak..almost at my lowest point.. All my kept emotions decided to burst tonight..Please lend me your shoulder tonight...Like you always do..

Friday, February 12, 2010


Currently, I'm left up with only 2 papers. Did I just say ONLY? Yes i did. I just went through my FIM paper tadi,oh god. I knew I could do better.yet I dissapoint myself as usual. But I'm home now. Yeay me.

Coz I just couldn't stand Nilai any longer. 2 or 3 weeks I've not been home. Oh my. Miss my bed,my family. Anything that resembles home in it. Aahhh.

Home. Its where the heart is right? For some,its not. It might be hatred. Or maybe fear. Or plainly, boring.

For me, home is where i keep my comfort in. Where I could just relax,let me de-stress..laze around..being bossed around (typical parents!).but then again,thats why i love it.

The other day, me and my dormmates were talking bout life after marriage. Heh. Only 19 yet talking bout this? tu namenye berangan :P

So, we were kinda debating shave kaki haram tak. She said haram, unless lebat sangat. Another she said, haram, unless husband suruh. Another she said, wax jelah, kan senang. Hahah senang tapi saket la sayang :) I said,
kenapa husband tu tak menerima je wife die seadanya? unless lebat sangat sampai curly curly tu, darurat dah tu.

Oh and oh we talked bout pregnancy. *i know,berangan!* they were saying it will be next painful moment other than death. That pretty much explains for if mati bersalin is mati shahid. And they were comparing between au naturale or
caesarean. Both pun pros and cons. And they were saying that husbands should be by their wife's sides when they are giving labour, so they will love their one and only wife even more. And that they should take leaves to take care of their wife. And the baby. Haha. Demanding aren't we? :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

One and only

To you,
I'm sorry I've hurt you.I'm sorry i broke my promises again and again.I told u I couldn't bear seeing u hurt,yet thats what I've been doing.I'm sorry i didn't take care of your heart like you did to mine.I'm sorry the way i treated you was as if i didn't appreciate you.I'm sorry i didn't put that happy smile on your face as often as I used to, or make u laugh as I've always did in our early days together.
You know sayang, i love you sangat sangat.I do appreciate you,and i don't want to take you for granted.I know people like you don't come always.I bet if u baca u akan cakap kat i, "i bukannye pape,you yang special,lucky me". Actually,lucky me.remember my anny card that I did for you?I cakap kat you, I nak you rase lucky ada I.tapi somehow,I tak rase sampai tahap tu lagi.
Maybe jauh lagi.
Tapi I nak capai gak tahap tu.
I just hope you'll be patient for me.
You've always been there.Right where you are.
And right now,kite tengah face finals.I tengah stress,siap tulis blog lagi.And u tengah blajar.Yet u still have time to text me, to calm me down.Banyak lagi je kebaikan you if i nak tulis semua,sampai besok pun tak habis lagi.Bout families and all.Sacrifices.Many many more.
Thank you bie,for being in my life....i love you so much..dont ever leave me,and i wanna live with you till the end.insya allah... :'(

Saturday, February 6, 2010

You're ever so inviting

I practically did not blog for my whole 2nd sem.i dont know.lifes a mess.i might have to extend my foundie in nilai since some ppl xnak tolong i add subject in my final fucky is that.lifes a not fond of blogging anymore.not anymore.