Sunday, November 28, 2010


Today, after waking up around like, what, 11am for breakfast? We decided to watch a movie at CineLeisure. And man, that place was super-packed! What, all these people decided to go to CineLeisure at one go, along with us? :/
We were basically torn, either MegaMind or Rapunzel. I badly want to watch Rapunzel, because...she looks pretty -.-
Rapunzel Rapunzel, let down your hair
But the seats were full. All that's left: front seats. I mean, who ever want those seats? They're too upfront, and your neck will strain. I think my eyes will strain too, from watching on such a near screen.

So yeah, instead on that, we watched MegaMind.

And I am glad we watched that. Its funny and relaxing. And family-friendly too. :) 

Oh and the lady was voiced over by Tina Fey :)

Its kinda cute too. And I laughed and "Aww" along the whole movie. And its very entertaining. In short, you should go watch it aite ;)

Anyway, I've been planning for a jog. But the evenings always rain, why oh why, how am I gonna be fit this way :( 

Monday, November 22, 2010

Moving on

There you have it. The offer letter finally arrived. Online obviously, but it arrived! I was so hyped. I was told that I am gonna get mine on the 26th of Nov, but that was just for the repeaters. I am now a clear pass student. 

A BEN student. 

No longer an ECONS student. Yeap, I've changed course. Its for the best, and I really hope it is my call. So, wish me luck ey? :)

Now that CFS is over alhamdulillah, I am starting to reminisce the old times. Gets teary when I think about it, because those times were meaningful. And in Gombak, those moments will be more treasured as we will be further apart.

I remember me and my friends, we were classmates for like, a complete year? Classmates for almost every single class. Imagine. Such that we know, the name list according to order. We know each other's full names. We know matric numbers. ( Kinda pesky if we need to know CAM, since lecturers only list down matric number and CAM, but since we know each others anyway,no point of confidentiality -.- ) We know when is the right exact time to raise our hands for the name. We text each other for homeworks, we planned to cancel class together. We made the class to be canceled together. We cover for each other. We cheat with each other during quizzes. 

Best of all? We have each other. And it feels great that, after I changed my course, they are supportive, and they even suggest meet ups when in Gombak, just so that the friendship we have won't fall apart. Thanks you guys :)

All nighter

Still an all nighter

Ice skate, among the best times :)

End of sem 1, 2010/2011

Thursday, November 18, 2010

There's always a first.

For the first time ever, I celebrated Aidil Adha without my parents. Or my sister and brother-in-law. You see, my parents are currently performing pilgrimage. And my sister was working on that day. So the night before Aidil Adha, my brother and I went to our kampung in Malacca, with our extended family. 

And for the first time in my life, I did not eat any slaughtered meat. 

And instead I spend my Aidil Adha by:
1) I squeezed freshly shredded coconut with water, then it will produce coconut milk. Again and again. You know  those hand flexor thingy? Well I think I don't need to use that. Ever.

2) I was busy playing with animals. Really. There was this chicken lying on the ground, and I thought it was "relaxing". Turned out it was dying, "embracing" its final moments. Later that evening, it died. I swear I didn't do anything, all I did was talk to it. " Kenapa kau baring kat sini, pergila main-main macam ayam lain, eh kau, dengar tak,tido je keja" :/ Oh and yeah, there were turkeys, geese, many many flies, and yes, cats.

Comel kannn. The one where you can see its face is Tabby. The one which is that orange furball is Muffin. I gave that orange furball's name :D And they are only a week old. And Persian cats too! 

3) Played some IQ blocks. I hate that thing. You are suppose to arrange that wooden blocks to form a shape according to the diagram given.

Something similar. 

So yeah, that's how I spend my Aidil Adha 2010.
Oh and btw, I didn't even wear my baju kurung. Not the first time.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Today I went out with my family. With my brother of 21 years old my cousin of 25 years old, her sister (my cousin too) of 14 years old, and my aunty. So yeah, all girls and a guy. Haha. Well, initially we planned to go along with my sister and her hubbie, but due to some complications they couldn't join us.
So yeah, my cousin drove to our house and reached around 1.30 pm.
We reached One Utama around 2 pm. And man, its super-packed! But we managed to get a parking lot, and seats at Pizza Hut. Ordered Royal Masala, and Hawaiian Chicken. And 2 Seafood Marinara(s). I always love eating my pizzas with loads of cheese powder, and today was no different. Mak Ngah saw and she tried, and well. She ate all her pizzas with heaps of cheese powder then :D
Then we went to UBowl. God I suck at bowling! Yang ada bola 8 paling ringan, 6 ngan 7 gone. And half of my score were dashes because it went down the drain. God I suck. Real bad. But altogether it was fun. 

Nana bought Clark's shoes. And Mak Ngah did too. I pick them both :D
Oh we met Busu! And Alyssa. And we ate Baskin's together. I had Jr. Double scoops :D 
We had dinner at Boomtown, Usj 11. Had char kuey teow besar taknak sayur, ayam madu teruna, otak-otak satu bakul, and yes, sirap limau all time fav :)
Then, next stop. HOME!
Reached around 10.30pm.
Crazy tiring long day, but fun. 
And money flowed out like water.

Friday, November 12, 2010


I'm feeling useless. I'm not doing anything productive. Really, I did none since my parents went away for hajj. Well yeah, I did chores. Washing the clothes and folding them, cleaning the dishes and so on. But those are plain basics. Those are the things that I've always done all this while.
Maybe I should cook. But I had problems.

Problem No.1:
I planned on doing S'mores. I've bought the digestive cookies and the marshmallows. But the marshmallows had this "Eat me! Eat me!" screams, and I've obliged. Haha :D

Problem No.2:
Wanted to make brownies, but there's only cooking chocolate and butter, but there's no chocolate chips.

Problem No.3:
Wanted to do cake, but I have no cream. Wanted to do cookies, but finds it tiring. Wanted to do muffins, but I'm stuck at Problem No.2, no chocolate chips.


Lovely, aren't they? Made them for last Raya :)

Monday, November 8, 2010


My heart goes out to all those broken families. It is sad, to see the family that you build, go haywire and tangled up, and then broken and lost. And its much worse, to see their kids. Sometimes, as they are young, they don't understand what's going around. But some, they grow up older than their age because of this.

Recently, a family came by my house. A pair of grandparents and their granddaughter about the age of 7. The little girl's parents are currently divorced. The father had left them, and the mother had to work somewhere else to support herself and her little daughter. Hence, the daughter is under the care of her grandparents.

The girl was at first soft, and then she turned hyper. She faked a big laugh almost every 5 minutes so that people will notice her. And she did naughty things too, though she is not naughty. Because when I commented on her behaviour, she relented immediately. She only wants attention.

After a while, I asked where is her mom, and she responded " Tu kat depan tu, mak saya tua kan" referring to her grandma. And when I asked where is her dad, she responded " Ayah kat depan, ayah tua jugak kan". I was shocked. She referred them as her parents, and not her grandparents. that shows how broken is the home.

We chatted for awhile, when I suddenly asked her where is she from, and she said " Tempat jauh. Lame pulak tu nak sampai. Dalam kereta ade 2 bantal je, tapi xde selimut. Sejuk". I then responded, why don't you cuddle to your grandma? Because we all know, that human can provide a soothing warmth. Her answer really shocked me, she said " Mak tak suke saya peluk. Mak pernah cakap jangan peluk dia".

Its sad really, for her. Maybe her grandma refused to do so, as she resembled her father. Then again, she is only a child. An innocent child. :(

I used to have this when I was young. Its a Cabbage Patch doll. I called her Judy. I missed my childhood. And sometimes, I realised. That sometimes I act childish, because I want to re-connect with my childhood. I wish I could correct some. But everything's done. And I threw her away.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

It Never Ends

Its been awhile, really. Its been awhile that I've been sick. Back at Nilai, I'm known for being fragile and weak. During taaruf, I fell and my left foot started to swell. And down with high fever. Skipped some taaruf activities, and then it got too swelled up, and I end up at the hospital -.-

Then the first few weeks of class, I had to limp my way to class. Even got stopped by the 'mak guards' and lecturers. And boy, that's how probably half of the CFS knows me, " perempuan yang kaki bengkak tu". Aish.

After that, I went down with severe food poisoning due to the spicy foods. Skipped a few classes with that reason. Since then, I was a regular patient at the clinic. There was even this one time, I had this terrible period pain, but I need an MC to not go to class. I walked very slowly, or shall I say, excruciatingly to the clinic. Got my meds, got my MC. And then the unexpected- I'm allergic to the meds. It made my eyes swollen, that I had to squint to see. And yes, a long way back to the clinic for the cure.

So anyway, last Mon I was down with flu. But I hold on to it. By the next day, I was down with fever as well. It lasted for two days. I'm okay now, but I still have the remains of flu. Oh, and a new cough virus caught up with me. I know, I know. Fragile. -.-

Monday, November 1, 2010

Past Halloween


Now I don't celebrate them. I don't remember being invited to one for few years. Though I still get excited to look at the decorations :D

Back then in my childhood days, my friends were mostly non-muslim. Even if they are, they were the open-minded kinds. I remember there was this one year, my friend organized a Halloween party. Being a child, and dressing up seemed exciting, I pleaded my Mum to send me to the party. I went there as a cowgirl. Haha. Well, almost. I had this retro pink blouse with colourful frays at the cuffs, and a pair of bell bottoms. Oh, and I had no hat -.-

There were many other girls who really showed their effort. They wore tutu skirts, with handmade wings ( out of cardboards) attached to their shoulders, and even made wands with a huge glittery star at the end.

But in the end, I won the best outfit. The judge? My bestfriend ;)

Haha okay biased. Then again, kids are biased. I think. So as a gift for my costume, I received a pink glass bracelet made of glass beads, and a box of chocolates. And I still keep the bracelet :D