Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bye 2010 :D

I am gonna miss 2010. 
It marks the ending of my CFS days, and the beginning of degree.
I had tremendous setbacks, but hey, those setbacks actually helped me in pushing me forward :)
It also marks a year of me and him. The future remains a mystery, but we are making the most of the present times. Hopefully, more happy years to come for both of us, amin :)
Besides that, it serves as a great reminder for me that I have GREAT GREAT friends :D
You guys were with me, through thick and thin, you know who you are, SJ friends and UIA friends. I love all of you, and appreciate those time we had. And hopefully we will have good times together forever and ever sampai ada anak cucu cicit semua :D

Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's like we're chasing all those stars

Two days ago, when I was at the brink, a great friend of mine said to me :

I don't believe in BEN, but I believe in you. -the one who's name was always first to be called for attendance, and the owner of CFS matric number that everyone remembers

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Either Or

I don't know whether I am being a pervert or just an open-minded person. Really, my lecturers sometimes are unthinkable. For instance, my poetry lecturer was saying that different words bring different impacts. As an example, payudara and buah dada. She said that for her, payudara sounds scientific. While buah dada sounds manis, because it is buah -.- I laughed too loud at that moment. 

Oh and another word from my Writing, anjakan paradigma. Oh crap. Me and my friend laughed to that word. Only the two of us. When I realised that, I immediately shut my mouth and put on a straight face.  Maluuuu. I wonder if the lecturers compare notes, and they were like "ehh same la budak yang gelak" -.-

An interesting incident that happened to me today:
I told my Writing lecturer that I will be a few minutes late for his class each time due to my earlier class is situated in IRK, and it doesn't help that that class always ends later than it should. So he was like, okay give me your name. "Aimi bt Ismail." No I mean your full name. "Aimi bt Ismail". *Stares at me for a moment with that weird look * Okay my name satu je pelik ke. -.-

By the way, it just hit me. I am doing my degree. Degree in a university. I better work my ass off, for my future. No more CFS thinking

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lost in UIA

Memang tak sah if I am not lost. 

Seriously, I had to leave my room at least half an hour earlier, so that I won't be late to class. 

Well, for my first day, I went to class, and managed to find it. But it was canceled. So was the next class. Yeay!

But today,woah. Listen. For my Writing class, Sir Mazlan was very entertaining. Very sporting and kinda cool, really how a BEN lecturer should be. One that speaks good English with an open-minded attitude. 

But what happened next was horror. We had a class in IRK, after what took us such long time to find the class, we were told it was 3rd year students, so we were given the "opportunity" to get out. 

And then for the afternoon class, crap. We were lost. Completely lost. It doesn't help it was located at the 3rd floor, so we were basically going up to the 3rd floor, and then back and fro to all the crooks and corners. I think we went to all corners. And then we went down again, and went up another stairs to the 3rd floor again, and search all corners, even sesat dalam offices and don't ask me how I even got there. And someone wrote stupid directions that lead us to stupid stairs and stupid nowhere.And then we went down again, used ANOTHER stairs and up to 3rd floor AGAIN, and searched everywhere, and then-we found it!! 

But, it was locked. 

It was empty.

No class today.

And we searched for more than half an hour for it.

Its freaking locked.

I swear if I weren't with my friends, I would break down. 

Even when I called Arishah my voice was cracking.

Sedihhhh :'(

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Taaruf in Gombak

Taaruf in Gombak. 
Totally mentally exhausting. Talks and briefing, blablabla. You could at least give us breaks. Well, sleeping was definitely fun throughout it. Bangun je, dah habis. Yeay.
Okay, I don't feel like telling what taaruf in Gombak was all about. Enough to say, I got a 4 to a room, I'm the only junior, and yes. 5th floor. 

konon muke semangat nak dengar talk.

with Dayang and Alya

mata steam bak kate syidah -.-

Alia Fada and Otong

L-R; Sarah, Shamin, Pika

Alia Fada, mase ni bergelar sudah IIUM Student

Mummy Faat :)

My compartment is on the left.

They even have drawers under the bed, ala-ala IKEA

Study table with bookshelf and drawers. Relatively new.

View from my room. Oh and I can see the sunset too :)

Okay, that's all for now. Tomorrow, a fresh new start. Hope everything goes well. Amin..

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Childhood TV

Currently on FB, there's this thing going on about putting a picture of cartoon from your childhood as a sign to fight against child abuse.
I was torn. I suddenly realised that my childhood consisted of a lot of cartoons. And there were shows too.

So here's a list of them, of whatever I still remember of:

The Addams Family

Sonic the Hedgehog

Felix the Cat

Pinky and The Brain


Dexter's Labaratory

I am Weasel. Oh and his friend is I R Baboon.

Cow and Chicken
Peanuts. The dog's name is Snoopy I think.

Little Lulu

PowerPuff Girls

Many more I remember still. Ed, Edd and Eddy, Doraemon, Ogy and The Cockroaches, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Johnny Bravo, etc.

And some shows:

The Amanda Show
All That

Lizzie McGuire

That's So Raven

Yeah, I miss childhood.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

45 minutes, really

After a few months rotting at home and adding fats, the evening sky was finally clear for me to be a little productive. 
Its time for cycling
To tell you the truth, I haven't cycled for years. And years means 5 years and above. That long. Too long in such a way that I forgot how to cycle -.-
Then again, even when I was a child, I couldn't cycle well. I was quite slow at it, I used the bicycle with extra 2 little wheels on both sides, until I was about 6 or 7 years old. So, yesterday I struggled a bit. At first I couldn't mantain my balance, and then I discovered I suck at doing circles T.T
Woah, the first 10mins definitely was a killer. We decided to go up a hill, and my legs were cramping (probably kaki dah keras). And it was such a big and stoopy hill (or that's what my mind told me). After that, then everything was pleasant. The breeze was cool and blowing nicely, and we made 2 rounds around neighbourhood. 
Oh oh and I can do circles already :D
Definitely want to this activity again :)
Now I feel productive.

the brother

the sister

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I don't like you

Everyone has their own dreams and fantasy. Everyone wants luxury. Or like I have always said, " Semua orang ada cita-cita dan angan-angan"/ " Semua orang ada impian masing-masing". But what if, those wants turn into urgent needs, and take away their dignity along.

Being a 19 years old girl, obviously I am influenced by the media promoting brands that cost a lifetime of savings, probably. But I have to stick to a budget. I admit, I do have an easy lifestyle, but hey, I probably won't have them if its not to my parents. I'm lucky enough that my parents can afford. That doesn't mean I get everything and anything that I want. I am given a fixed allowance, and if I want to buy some stuffs, or my money ran out, I need to work around that budget. That doesn't mean I get extra cash. Its tough, but I know this will teach me the value of money, and money doesn't grow on trees

No, am not being boastful and proud. The point is, people need to know their budget and stick to that. Some people are less fortunate, but hey, didn't they survived? The money spent on this kind of stuff, can buy them a whole lot more essentials. 

I just don't understand why some people need to show that they are better than other people. That they need to show that they also can afford like other people. So what if other people go to dinners with expensive dresses. You just get according to your budget, not trying to show to other people. And frankly, if you are borrowing other people's stuff (branded, and you were the one that requested for it) well, that doesn't make you look better, it makes you look like a fool.

And I don't understand people who brag. Why on earth are you doing that? Really, probably the person you are talking to is wealthier, only he is humble. And that definitely give him more points. And he is probably thinking what crap are you babbling. And that is embarrassing. To me, people who brag, are people who are afraid that other people don't see it.