Wednesday, June 24, 2009

sicky :(

Well.yest was statistics test.
And i actually did noe how to do!i means,seriously,i ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND STATISTICS!!

Haha but but,it consisted of two pages,and i think i managed to get the first page right,but the second one was like related to each other.

U noe,its like 4a,b,c,d,e.Without a,u cant do b,or c,or d or i screw up A since i left a vital info,n realised it when im at b.And screw up B n realised it only at c.And so on and so on and so on.

And thanks to adelah seorang budak ni yang x ckp die demam,so,i had fever too!But as a deal,i gave budak tu my FLU!Haaa amik koooo.padan mukeee.So since dat person feels guilty,im waiting for my MILO MONSTER as a forgiveness token.Yesss!
Hahahaha evillll ;p
Neway got a time slip so cant attend arab :) Heee suke suke suke.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Life now.

Ive been in uia nilai for like 2 weeks?

Since im only here for like,a year?So my classes cam packed giler taw x.
Everyday,Mon to Thurs classes start at 9 and finish at 4.On Fri it starts at 8 and end at 5.Cm wtf je?Fri is supposed to be freeeeeeee~.Which it turns out not to be,turns out to be my busiest day of all.Fuck fuck fuckkkkk.
Neways,dorm turns out to be fine.Kind airy and roomy and spacey.
Studies suck.Well,not all.Maths suck like seriously.Had a test today.And gez wat,its like add maths actually,name je suck giler kan?I cant remember wat to do,i knew the formulaes,just cant apply it.Whats the point?I bet my teacher will be dissapointed.

Oh and last sat had party at iwan's.They were like 'eh maggie dah itam.ehh maggie dah gemuk'.Panas okayyy,n gemuk kejap jeeee.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The rationals and the irrationals.

So since im a student right now,im currently learning subjects im weak at.Statistics,Mathematics 1 and 2,Accountings.oh and eng,but im fine with that.
Had maths lessons just now,sorry cikgu,tp suara cikgu soft sgt!had to really prick my hearing to figure out what she was i was really understanding :)
but hey,i tried okay.and it suck.we were learning real numbers,composite numbers,integers.oh and rational and irrational numbers whether they are nonterminating and nonrepeating decimals.
Took some time to understand?i did too :)
Allow me to read out a few Qs.
  1. the union of numbers with non repeating and non terminating decimals is irrational.True or false.
  2. the intersection of the set of real numbers and the set of rational numbers is the set of decimals that either terminate or repeat.True or false.

I did try doing the exercises.will try agn n agn.damnnn im a student,dunt do last min studying lagi!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Catching up with time.

Been a long time since i updated my blog.Well,il update u.So this will be a long one.
25th May 09.
That dawn,slept at 130am.and woke up at 330am.giler kan.d nite before had a briefing on ept (english proficiency test' and apt (arab proficiency test).so today was supposed to do the eng test.was really2 sleepy,n d test was boring,and even slept during it.then had arab.lagi tido coz xtaw pape.and the nite had rehearsal of opening ceremony,lagi tido.
26th May 09.
Had qiyam.bgn at 330 agn.serious shit sleepy we.slept during disciplinary and welfare briefing.slept during counselling.slept during sum briefing durung d,had blisters and i fell down d stairs.shit.
27th May 09.
Tido.Tido.Tido.den demam left ankle beginning to swell.ponteng briefing and activities.
28th May 09.
Saket kaki.went to the doc,she said infection,and gave cream.ponteng and ponteng.leg hurts badly.damnnnn.
28th May 09.
Fardhu ain test.tembakkkkkk.xtaw pape sgt.dey ask,maksud al fatihah?tajwid mad sth?doa masuk tandas?padankan kitab dgn rasul?i was like,shit ni lah x pg skola agama and x dgr kt skola.pandaiii.
29th May 09.
Mummy saw my leg and she was panicky.Trus pg doctor in subang.he said,i thk u better go to the hosp.i was like,wtf dat serious ke?when to sunway med hosp,trus referred to the specialist.Dr. Hayzan.He said ni infection of tendon ni,if u come any later,urat u akan terputus and kite kene bukak lah kaki u ntok bt surgery.So now kene letak iv kt tgn and inject antibiotics.shitttt.
Dey took blood test and i was sicky,took my xray which the bed was freezing cold,and poked the iv into my hand.Aaaaaaaaaa.
30th May 09.
Syidah mella and hyda visited.hahaha dey were freaking out when they say my leg and lost ankle.hahahah.
neway.went out of hosp on 31st may.
but when dey did d wound dressing it badly hurts.die tekan tekan d blister aka wound part sampai kuar all the darah kotor yang terkumpul, then sapu air garam on the damn wound.pedihhhhhh.had to do dat everyday until my leg is back to normal.crapppppppp.
And today,found out that i got a band 6 in my ept, n level 1 in my apt.yeayyyy.means im doing my foundation for a year,but with two sems and a short sem.Oh and forgot to mention,the doc gave me a week's leave n four weeks excused from wearing shoes.and im getting a new pair of shoes.yeayyyyyy.
Tomorrow my class starts a 9,so il hope il find a friend there,and hope it will be fun and less stressing :)
p/s:miss korang sgt2.when im free lepak jom! :)