Sunday, April 25, 2010

Of insomnia.

I just realised that I can't sleep as early as I used to. Back in high school, I could easily sleep at 10am or so. Loser? Well, I wouldn't call myself that because my school session starts in the morning, and I need a good well-rested sleep. Plus, those were the times that I am hoping I could get now. Well, hope is just a hope.
Since I've entered UIA, I am hitting the sack only at 2-ish am in the morning. Or it could extend to 3-ish am. Why? Its either I am too busy with my homework, assignments, presentations, movies, or on the phone. Better yet, eating. Hee.
At first, I was okay with it. But I realised something, I always and always wake up early. Be it Subuh time, or 7-8 am. And my class usually starts at 10 everyday. God, that was annoying.
No wait.
There is another annoying part.
I often found myself being awake in the middle of the night, and its hard to get back to sleep. Yesterday, I tried to sleep early due to someone's request, but I can't. I was staring onto the ceiling. I have lost most of my sleeping time by doing that.With that, I decided to check out insomnia from Wikipedia.
And here are some bits and pieces of it to give you a rough idea what is insomnia:

Insomnia is a symptom[1] which can accompany several sleep, medical and psychiatric disorders, characterized by persistent difficulty falling asleep and/or difficulty staying asleep.


  • Pain[12] Any injury or condition that causes pain. Pain can preclude an individual from finding a comfortable position in which to fall asleep, and in addition can cause awakening if, during sleep, the person rolls over and puts pressure on the injured or painful area of the body.
  • Hormone shifts such as those that precede menstruation and those during menopause
  • Life problems like fear, stress, anxiety, emotional or mental tension, work problems,
  • Poor sleep hygiene, e.g., noise stress
  • Patterns of insomnia
  1. Onset insomnia - difficulty falling asleep at the beginning of the night, often associated with anxiety disorders.
  2. Middle-of-the-Night Insomnia - Insomnia characterized by difficulty returning to sleep after awakening in the middle of the night or waking too early in the morning. Also referred to as nocturnal awakenings. Encompasses middle and terminal insomnia.
  3. Middle insomnia - waking during the middle of the night, difficulty maintaining sleep. Often associated with pain disorders or medical illness.
  4. Terminal (or late) insomnia - early morning waking. Often a characteristic of clinical depression
Yeah, as I said bits and pieces. So if you wanna check out the whole thing you can type insomnia on the search bar okay. Oh and oh, they did mentioned those with insomnia usually has increased alertness. Those who knows me close enough do know that I am easily awaken by anything when I'm asleep.
So yeah, I wouldn't say I have insomnia because I did not go for proper diagnosis, I am just saying I share the symptoms.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My style?

We are smart.
In what way?
In spending away our money.
In fact, we're pretty good at it.
Actually, we're damn good at it. Hee :)
Let me demonstrate to you how we do it. Out of randomness and boredom, Aisya who brought her little Sparkie came up with a plan: go to Alamanda after our 4pm class. We being her good friends agreed obviously. Right after our class, We got ready and those who towed along were me, Aisya, Mira, Arishah, Rina, Putra. Yeap, all for of us at the back. Mind you, that includes a guy.

When we got there, we headed to the movie counter. At first we wanted to watch Date Night but it starts at 7pm and its kinda late, so we settle for Shutter Island which starts at 6pm. While we were waiting for it to start, we ate at Secret Recipe. I ate Chocolate Banana cake and Iced Chocolate with Whipped Cream. When the movie was about to start we bought popcorns and corn cups for ourselves.
Right, here is some review on the movie.

Its freaking confusing. It revolves around a character named Edward Daniels/ Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) who arrived at Shutter Island with his partner Chuck to uncover the ongoings of a mental institute that holds all dangerous patients/inmates on the island. But, it was different than I thought. It was confusing, the character was confused with himself, and we were confused together, and we uncover the truth together?Hahaha. Just watch it, I believe the storyline is good, its hard to make the audience to be in the same place as the character. ;)
Even though the introduction was kinda sucky and dry.
Later, me and Arishah ordered a potato salad take away for ourselves, Mira and the rest bought Baskin Robbins ice-cream, and later we bought candies. :)
By the time we reached our respective dorms, we were too flat out. :D
And that is an example how we wasted our money. ;)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Could it be any easier

The fuck.
Today is so fucking the shit hell out of me.
Okay, sorry for the intro but I can't just help it.
So, I guess I'll have to stop cursing for the rest of the blog.

You see, I woke up today home alone.
My parents went out, my sister off to work, and my bro off with his friends.
Breakfast was kaya buns, which I dislike.
So I had to do my own breakfast.
Later, I had to do double washing loads, and hang them. And I was so tired, I feel I could collapse.
At first I find it weird, as usually I could do more than double loads.
I found the answer later.
I had my period! That was causing me fatigue.
And it wasn't helping me that I had to endure those pesky period pains for the whole day, till the extent I vomited and almost collapsed.
Felt my vision was blurry.
And my dear wasn't there for me, he only texted once today " Ermm bie i nak pergi hiking dah. and my batt habes" or something like that.
And I received nothing after that.
Yesterday, he told me he will be hiking and by evening he should be back at the chalet.
But now its already 2am, and I know nothing.
I am worried sick.
And lapar gile.
Macam boleh makan kuda.
Eff it.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Best I Ever Had :)

On the 15th of April, I had the best time of my life.
Shafiq came all the way from Bukit Jelutong to Nilai to meet me. From there, we went to Midvalley and met Arishah at the KTM. The whole way to Midvalley was freaking hot, the airconds were out, and there were no ventilation, and loads of people on the coach. And people keep coming in at all the stops, not out.
Still. Ate at Food Junction with him. Arishah pergi date sorang sorang. Then we went off to Red
Box at the Gardens, though I have to say I sang most of it -.- Oh then we headed across to GSC Signature to watch When In Rome. It was kinda sweet, Josh Duhamel looks good, as well as Umberto~ * with that melting tone*. Hahaha.
Then we headed off to KTM and headed separate ways.
Okay, macam biase je kan? But not for me, it was really nice. And really nice of him too for trying to make up for my sucky birthday which was on erm, January? Well it worked. Alot. I guess what made me feel so happy was, I spent the day with him. And it was such a lovely time.
Thank you sayang, I really appreciate it.
I love you sangat sangat.
You're my everything <3

Tagged by Liyana Adib :)

1) Adakah anda rasa anda hot?
; yes yes i do :D

2)Upload wallpaper PC/Laptop yang anda guna sekarang!

3) Cerita pasal gambar.
Ni gambar time kat London. Memories :D

4) Bila kali terakhir anda makan pizza?
Lame giler :(

5) Lagu terakhir anda dengar?
Hey Jude-Beatles

6) Apa yang anda buat selain menyelesaikan tag ini?
Bukak banyak banyak blog :D

7) Selain nama sendiri, anda dipanggil nama apa?
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9) Siapakah orang no 1 kepada anda?
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18) Perasaan anda buat tag ini?

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20) Gay or les?
I'm STRAIGHT baby!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Janji Melayu

Janji Melayu.
Its been with us for such a long time. Its definition? Promises made that were unfulfilled. Sigh. Why is it not janji Cina? or janji India? Maybe it doesn't roll of the tongue well. But it was said that this term came up because Malays always make promises, but leave it unfulfilled. In most situations, it always and always involve time.

Example 1:
A: Hey, wanna go out tomorrow to the mall with me? 11.30 we shall meet okay.
B: Yeah sure, see you there.
* at 11.30, B has reached but not A.A reached half an hour late *

Example 2:
C: Weh, pinjam buku kau boleh tak? Lusa nanti aku bagi balik.
D: Okay, tapi lusa janji bagi aku balik taw!
C: Ye ye, tak yah lah kau risau, aku bagi nye.
* C did not give on time, instead he kept delaying*

Why can't people keep up with their promises? Is it that hard? All you have to do is have a proper time management. Do not get me wrong, I am not condemning anyone right here, its just a suggestion. After all, I am a Malay too. That would be dumb right. But this problem has increased among us. Shouldn't we show to the world that we ARE actually punctual, we do fulfill our words. Give that 'janji Melayu' term a 180 degrees spin around. Time waits for no man, and impressions always count.
A lot.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Stolen From Arishah's Blog. Hee ;p

A - AVAILABLE : nope :)

B - BIRTHDAY: 22nd Jan 1991

C - CRUSHING ON : loving Shafiq Shamshir :)

D - DRINK YOU LAST HAD: plain water

E - EASIEST PERSON TO TALK TO: arishah, milah, syidah, farn, shafiq

F - FAVORITE SONG: I don't want to miss a thing- Aerosmith


H - HOMETOWN: Subang Jaya :D

I - IN LOVE WITH: Shafiq, food, food food food shopping.hahaha

J - JUGGLE: nope


L - LONGEST CAR RIDE:kelantan. my ass hurts in the end -.-

M- MILKSHAKE FLAVOR: oreo milkshake * thanks dear aisya for introducing it to me*


O - ONE WISH: everything falls perfectly


R- REASON TO SMILE: safe to say theres many

S - SONG YOU LAST HEARD: the man who can't be moved- the script

T - TIME YOU WOKE UP: 6.30.snooze till 10.15. that was a long snooze!

V - VEGETABLE(S): exclude the greens.and taugeh.

W - WORST HABIT: lat minute planning

X - X-RAYS YOU HAD: for uia thingy

Y – YO-YOS ARE:toys kan

Z - ZODIAC SIGN: aquarius


Spell your name without vowels: m. -.-

What color do you wear most?:pink.

What are you listening to?: don't look back at anger- oasis

Are you happy with your life right now? : i guess

What is your favorite class in school?: English! my fav subject.loveeee it

Are you outgoing?: yeah yeah

Where do you wish you were right now?: on a relaxing pampering holiday


Can you dance?: yesss

Can you tie a cherry stem with your mouth?:nope

Can you whistle?: not when i wanted to, but when i blow candles or stuff

Write with both hands? : right handed

Walk with your toes curled?: boleh tp susahh


Do you believe there is life on other planets?: yes

Do you believe in miracles?: yes

Do you believe in magic?:illusions yes.

Love at first sight?: then it must be physical

Do you think there's a Satan?: yes

Do you believe in Santa?: fake ones,yeah

Do you know how to swim?: nope :(

Do you think you could handle the stuff they eat on those reality shows?: bluek


Have you ever been on a plane?: yes

Have you ever asked someone out?: yes

Have you ever been asked out by someone?: yes

Have you ever been to the ocean?: yes

Have you ever painted your nails?: yes but it didn't last long, my mum went ballistic :O


What is the temperature outside?: idk,its kinda chilly now tho

What radio station do you listen to?: fly, hitz

What was the last restaurant you ate at?: can't remember, and it was last week -.-

What was the last thing you bought?: paris recyclable bag :D

Who was the last person you took a picture of?:with Belle, Red Box


Ever really cried your heart out?: believe me, i did

Ever cried yourself to sleep?: hmm yes

Ever cried on your friend's shoulder?: yes

Ever cried over the opposite sex?: yes

Do you cry when you get an injury?: still do

Do certain songs make you cry?: yes


Are you a happy person:yes :).

What can make you happy?: loved ones, friends, food shopping gayut ;p

Do you wish you were happier?: yes i do

Can music make you happy?: yessss


How many times have you had your heart broken?:u mean like really really heart broken? was damn painful.

Have you ever loved someone so much that you'd die for them ? : am now


What is your current hair color?: black

Current piercings?: a pair on my ears

Have any tattoos?: nope

Eye color?: dark dark brown


Favorite eye color: any colour would do, as long as not coloured contacts

Short or long hair: short looks neat

Height: Taller definitely

Best clothing: smart casual. or formal. i loveeee formal.


Been to jail: nope

Mooned someone: ?

Thrown up in a store: yes, period pain punye pasal

Done something really stupid that you still laugh at today: loads! today's current i type lie lie pants on fire instead of liar liar pants on fire.on friends were laughing their asses off. and i delayed a class because i thought i didn't save my presentation in my pendrive padahal ade je -.-


Pepsi or Coke: 100 plus

McDonald's or Burger King: McD

Single or Group Dates: whichever, i still have my date both ways kan

Chocolate or Vanilla: choc

Strawberries or Blueberries: strawberries

Meat or Veggies: meat

TV or Movie: movies

Guitar or Drums?: drums

Adidas or Nike: Nike.

Chinese or Mexican: mexican

Cheerios or Corn Flakes: cheerios

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Old times.

God, my days are getting busy. So I did went to Sunway to meet Yih Ming. She looked different than we last met. Her hair is darker, and her face is rounder. But, she still looks cute :) We went to Friday's and catch up with what we missed. Yih Ming is going to India today for two years, and off to Penang to study there for three years. And work with the government for three years.That's long!
When we ordered, she said " you're always a big eater". I can't believe she still remembers THAT. And yes, I haven't changed that habit even a slightest bit :) I do hope she can survive over in India. From what she told me, the slightest shop is 40mins away :o and she has to cook for her own self, wash her clothes and be independent.
Though she did told me she will be a millionaire down there. ;)
So Yih Ming, Have a safe journey over!
Around 10, went over to Red Box to meet up the Birthday Boy: Putra Haziq!! and the rest of the gang. He had a Lady Gaga cake. I'm amazed.
And right now, I'm doubling in pain thanks to my food posioning. This is my 3rd day. Give me a break! :(