Saturday, July 31, 2010

Perut kenyang suke hati :D

Today, I intended to do revision. I really did. I did halfway. But I did it. Because halfway through my plan, Mum suddenly knocked my door " Do you want to go out?" Obviously I said yes in a split sec. Then she asked, where do I want to go? That took me awhile. After several minutes, I've decided. Subang Empire.

Well, its the latest shopping gallery in town, or to be exact Subang Jaya. The place I live! :D So yeah, there's alot of shops over there. TANGS, Dorothy Perkin's, Madam Kwan's, Tarbush, Kenny's..GUESS, okay banyak lagi but I am not going to list them -.-
What we did as soon as we reached there, we ate at The Loaf!

The Loaf my sweetheart.. I had a lot over there. I ate Red Bean with Walnut bun, croissants, Magazine, and a Choc Banana Panini. Delicious I'm telling you. I was supposed to take pictures of it, but I only realised when I was three quarters downing the food. So what's the point right? That shows how greedy I am -.- Btw, I applied a membership at The Loaf! Only RM10, for a lifetime! More reasons to eat their yummies ;P
Oh then we had a walk around.. browsing through the shops. I saw a beautiful dress at TANG'S. Its midnight blue, with butterfly sleeves, and it looks really elegant yet simple, shame its knee length. I would have bought it if its floor length :(
*jalan jalan jalan*

Then we saw this restaurant '' I Love Yoo". Its famous for its tau foo fah and thats what we got. Yummy! All soft and smooth :)

Oh and this thing, its called butterfly. Its cakueh-like, only with sesame seeds on them :)

Before going back, I just couldn't resist myself not entering Chocolate World. Its mini-heaven! And that's where I bought milk chocolate-coated almond rice clusters :) Again, I forgot to snap a picture. This time its worse, dah habis makan baru ingat :/
So, what a filling day isn't it? And then balik rumah makan nasi goreng pattaya. Wahhh. Boolat perut.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lack of An Essential.

God. Help me. Please.
I woke up for sahur this morning, and proceeded to brush my teeth. And instead of the cold blast of water on my cupped hands for gurgling, a slow trickle of water greeted me instead. At once, it hit me. UIA nanti tak ade air. That was a smart hunch. But I did a dumb action. I did not tadah air. And sambung tidur -.-
Around Subuh, my dormmate woke me up. she told me to bathe, "air dah makin skit". What I said in reply " Tak nak". -.-
When I finally got up around 9, then only I started to panic. Tak ada air tak ada air! Crapppp. The only option was the pili bomba. These kids were filling up their pails with it. I have no idea how they can bathe with it. It stink. Ew. And it has some certain chemical in it right?
Nevertheless, I did collect the water in my pail. But I used air masak *found it in the dorm* and washed my face and other crucial parts. But I did not bathe. Hahaha. Pergi kelas tak mandi, tapi kantoi jugak sebab perfume semerbak bila masuk kelas ;p
So right now, things are getting worse. Air pili bomba habis. We are surviving on those jumbo mineral water bottles that costs Rm1-Rm1.20 each. Sigh.
According to UIA, this prob will end by 9am tomorrow. No help though, my class starts at 9 tomorrow. Then again, the security guards told one of the students it will end only in 3 days :o
Actually, UIA kalau tak ada air nak buat macam mane kan, coz sedang buat pembersihan kolam or something. But be kind enough to supply us with those tank lorries. I don't mind bringing my pails and queue in the never ending queue and then go up again up to my dorm, on the 3rd floor. I think.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Short note at Madam Kwan's.

Yesterday was family day.
Sort of.
After the Maghrib prayers, we went to MidValley.
Drove all the way to MidValley from Putra Heights, just to eat at Madam Kwan's.
Well, its worth it.
I ordered Black Pepper Chicken Chop, and gosh, its so yummy. Its quite a big portion, but somehow I managed to finished it all, that shows how hungry I was!
And alongside a soy bean drink for myself. It tasted fresh and clean (without that typical preservatives taste) and sugar is given separately, so the customer can add it according to taste.
Oh oh and I had Prawn Fritters as well, its all peeled :) So my hands are clean, and its given with tartar sauce instead of the conventional dilute chilli sauce.
And I had Banana Junk, its a banana split with 3 scoops of ice cream. Well what I like about it, they serve a generous amount of whipped cream on top of it, just as I've always liked.
Okay gile malas post ni. Hahaha. Dahla pictures dua je -.-
Oh well. Hee.

Black Pepper sauce

The chicken chop

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Home, puasa and weight.

I miss home.
Really I do. And I've just been away from home for only two weeks. I thought I won't feel a thing, like the same way I felt when my sister and my brother went off to UitM in Melaka, or when I had taaruf ( orientation program) in UIA for a week in PJ, or when I had to leave home for UIA in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. Maybe at first I didn't feel a thing, you know, its almost like a thrill when something new happens. But it has gone for over a year -.- Grow up Aimi!

Well puasa is coming soon. Like sikit je lagi! Wahhh can't wait for all those yummy delectable food :D Crap, its supposed to be something to obtain the baraqah *is that the right word?* in Ramadhan, not enjoying myself having all kinds of food.

And this Ramadhan I can't afford to gain weight! Not that I'm overweight or something, and ye taw, I kurus and all, blablabla, but hey, those fats go to my face okay. Makes my face go boooolat. Blame the fats la. Because I do eat a lot okay, I don't restrict my food intake. I just don't want to over-indulge. Ada paham?

That's me, can't sleep, missing home, or in exact words, I miss my bed.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Curly Wurly

Okay remember I mentioned about therapy in my last post? Well since I didn't go home the last weekend, I did a mini therapy. Well besides my comfort food of course. Food is essential!! Food makes me happy, cheers me up every single time. So whenever I'm upset or feeling under the weather, just hand me a bar of chocolate or a bowl of ice cream or something similar. I'll be yp and about,jumping my ass off :D

Back to the topiccc. Ish. Melencong. Well, me and Dayang checked out a YouTube video by MichellePhan. You just type in how to curl hair with a paper bag and eventually you'll reach to her.

Yeap paper bags alright. And we even used McDonald's paperbags. Lagi save budget :D And this is the result? Awesome I know. Hehehehe.
Well the steps are easy.
  1. Wet hair thoroughly.
  2. Tear the paperbag into vertical strips.
  3. Twist the paper strip into a small section of your hair,and secure it by twisting your hair around the paper strip again and again.
  4. Repeat for the whole head.
  5. Wait until your hair dries off,or you can use a hair dryer. Or as long as you want.
  6. And tadaa~! Curls all set and ready. Though you might want to use mousse or something to make the curls stay long.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just A Short One.

I just wanna go somewhere that I can be at peace
Somewhere that I can feel happy
And just let the things off my mind
Somewhere that I feel serene
With someone that can cheer me up
Share with me those moments

Hmm. Exams are coming. Along with quizzes. I have to keep up. I must. Then I need therapy.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

In my head.

When things doesn't turn out great, they say you can try again. Just keep trying and eventually it will turn out alright. I have always wondered, how strong can we actually be, to wait for "eventually"? We all know, patience and strengths has its limits and boundaries. Are we patient enough to wait for in the long-term benefits? Or maybe, being only a 19 years old, I am just an immature adult, who haven't reached the ultimate up to par standards of thinking.

Moving on.

Right now I currently am taking Economics foundation. For degree, I have no idea whatsoever to major in. Accounting is an axe above my head. Studying it is a migraine trigger. Doing it as a living? Whoaa, hold it right back over there. Personally, I wouldn't want to work as an accountant. See the long term effect okay. Accountants are always dealing with figures and digits and datelines = STRESS. Plus, when I get married * come on, it has to get to there at some point isn't it* I want to spend time with my family. And yes, I still want to work. Be it something light or something, I still want.

Someone told me, I will last only a month of working when I have a family of my own. I'd try not to. Yes, I want to spend as much time as I could with my child, but then again, I want to have a life of my own too. I want to have colleagues, I want to have that independent feeling. No, its not about the money. Its just something that I could feel attached too. And I've thought about it for a long while and decided. That when I have a family of my own, I want to be involved in something that has to do with writing. Be it a columnist or someone that writes articles in media or something. I don't want to spend my years of education to work only for a few years. Thats a final decision of mine, that's it and it's that.

Next up.

You know the feeling when you feel down, and you just need someone to be there with you and for you, but then it didn't turn out so well? I know that feeling. Its a feeling of you putting your hopes on someone but it crashed. You want to be taken care of but you're being let off. You want that someone to understand, or if he or she doesn't understand, pretends he or she does not asking questions that can irritate. You want that when you want to talk about it, he or she is there for you, no matter how the situations are..and not you can only talk about it at the right timing. I want that kind of someone. Where are you, someone.

the road to happiness