Sunday, December 18, 2011

Life is a Drama :)

So, finally drama in a drama is over. And I want to thank those people who said this to me for support:
" You can do it, I know you can do it"  
"Maggie jangan nangis, nanti aku nangis sekali"
"Mana Maggie yang aku kenal? Mana Maggie yang gila-gila tu?"
"Maggie please jangan nangis..aku tak taw macam mana nak pujuk..please"
"Korang mintak je, kitorang nanti tolong"
"Aku jadi batang pokok, aku jadi batang pokok"
"Maggie, istighfar..Astaghfirullahalazim.."
"Aku stay untuk korang, betapa supportnye aku"
"Ala chill je, kitorang semua ada"
"Apa-apa pun, we're a team. Jom buat usrah"

You know who you guys are. I love all of you, and thanks for all the back breaking support. Terharu :')

And here are some pictures from the drama staging: 

The end :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011


I am home, and it feels great! I am done with my exams, but one which is Drama and exactly after the mid break. Yeap, mid break. I am now on a one week leave. 

And basically I am done with my Sciences of Quran assignment which is already submitted, Mass Comm which I only need to print out and I am done, and Drama's creative interpretation. And I have already recited all the surahs to my Ustaz which is such a complete relief. 

Although I am not happy with my exams, though. Sciences of Quran? Bolehla. Mass Comm? Alhamdulillah bolehla. Arab? Agak hancur lah. Phonetics? Tak payah cakapla -.-

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Just a quick update. Such a busy busy schedule coming up. My to-do list is as below:
  • complete my assignment for Science of Quran by this Friday
  • complete my assignment for Mass Com by this Friday
  • complete my assignment for Study Circle
  • complete my assignment for Drama by this week
  • Arabic quiz on this Thursday
  • memorizing the remaining surah(s) for Tilawah by this Thursday
  • memorizing Surah Al- Mukminun 1-13, and 1 doa for Study Circle by this Saturday
  • start revising for the upcoming exams
Whew. So far, I think that is all. For now in my head. Hopefully, I can handle all with great strength and willpower. And intelligence! Oh and I am thinking of joining the SNECU classes in UIA. I saw the flyers today. SNECU classes are for those who feel they are weak in Arabic language or English language. Which everyone knows I suck in Arabic language! 
Oh, and it is odd that those people that I used to see last semester, like everyday, because we will always cross paths, are now the people that I now rarely see. I mean, I think I only saw them like once or twice je this semester. This is sad. Sigh. All the best.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Patah tumbuh, hilang berganti?

Alright. If you read my last post, you now know that my schedule sucks despite numerous attempts to save it. I remember saying kalau dah namanya tak ade rezeki or something similar. Well, now I am saying, ada hikmah disebaliknya.

I went to my MassCom class the other day at 10am since we were all not informed whether it will be at 10am or at 5pm as what the previous lecturer had told us. I said previous because, surprise surprise, a male suddenly came into our class and asked if this is Section 7. We said, yes. Turns out he is our new lecturer, Br. Ayub. I definitely like the new guy because he is young, I mean super young compared to Sir Abdul Halim. He is currently doing his PHD in Uia, and he gives a clear and simple lecture. Great examples. Yeay! 

As for my Drama class, the lecturer is also a part-timer. She's great too, and our class is so small. Comprising of only 13 students, so we are all in one team :)

P/s: the other day kena kejar with anjing, and this week kena kejar dengan lebah sesat in the shower -.-

Friday, September 16, 2011

Kalau dah tak ada rezeki

My first week in Gombak. One word. Hectic. Let me explain. I had accidentally dropped my place in Drama class. So I had to re-register. Well, only two sections were open. I tried for the 2nd section. Now, the lecturer stated was Kak Mei. I badly wanted her to teach because it is a well known fact that she is one hell of a great lecturer. So we went to her class (us without a place) and asked her to sign our Adjustment Forms. She signed them and said that she will take care of everything, you know, sending them to the department for approval. 

The next day, we suddenly saw a notice saying that a new section is opened, and  it starts from 5-8 pm on Mondays. We were all worried since nobody wants to go to a night class, right? Sad to say, section 2 is closed and we are added into the 3rd section. And another lecturer instead will be teaching us, a part-timer. Damn. But she is said to specialise in wardrobe costumes and theatre. So hopefully, it will be all good. Amin.

Next, Mass Comm. Again, with the no place in the class thing. So, we filled in our forms to give to the lecturer. I specifically picked the class because of the lecturer, Pn. Mazni and the timing. 10-11.20 am. Great, right? Our forms even got approved by the department.
However, the next class, a man came into our class. He said that he will be our new lecturer instead of
Pn. Mazni. Double damn. And then, he said he needs to change the class time to  5-6.20pm or 8-11pm. Triple damn :(

For CCT, the lecturer refused to sign our forms because she said that she only accepts final year students. I rushed to the nearby photocopy shop and grabbed 2 sheets of Adjustment Forms and went to IRK building for another lecturer to sign. A quadruple damn, because she wasn't in and we were in our last hour of Add/ Drop session. So yeah. When I threw away the form , I said, maka terbuanglah harapan kita sekali.

Despite all that, I managed to have a great time with my friends. Even celebrated for a surprise party for Aisya in the middle of the night, even got chased by a dog -.- So yeah, I'll get used to it. I love UIA anyhow :)

With my super crazy friends :D

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Instant act.

So I woke up yesterday morning with a call. I did not remember hearing any ringing, but suddenly I was looking at my screen with some letters for a name calling me. I picked it up and heard a guy's voice. 

Me: Hello.. *sleepy voice*
Guy: Maggie, you tido ke?
 Me: No no, I dah bangun. Jap, ni Keder ke?
Guy: Yeah yeah. Takpelah, you tido balik.
Me: Eh why? Jap kenapa?
Guy: You kata semalam nak ikut beraya. I thought nak datang rumah you then we go to Iwa's. I kat Dengkil ni.
Me: Omg serious! *melompat dari katil* I siap sekarang!

So.. yeah. I managed to take a bath, and then he and his friend, Akmal showed up. So I invited them in with my un-powder-ed face, and proceeded to get ready. After all the cookies and chit chat with my parents, off we go to Iwa's at Denai Alam.
Sampai-sampai je nampak Nadiah Khairi. This would be my 3rd time of seeing her this week! Oh and we ate chicken rice, too. And kuih bunga dahlia. Haha.
Great times of catching up :) Love you guys.

Nadiah, me, and Keder :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Book Review: Eat Pray Love.

So a cousin of mine gave me a book. Well, it's Eat Pray Love from Liz Gilbert. 

The original cover
The cover of mine.

The author wrote it based on her experiences. Of how she has everything, a husband, a career, a newly bought house. But what she didn't want : children. From there, everything sprawled away, her gaps and fights with her husband and how she slept on the bathroom floor to calm herself. Believe me, I am an avid reader. I will usually try my very very best to finish a book/ novel in one day. I don't speed, but I immerse myself in it. I don't mind skipping meals as long as I get to finish whatever I am reading.

Man, this book took me weeks! The first part where she was in Italy, was okay. I have to admire the way she describes every detail with a detail. You could basically imagine the scenes and surroundings because she describes everything. It was a slightly draggy, but never mind, I tried to continue. 

The middle part, the one where she was in India, I have to say is the part that I procrastinate the most. Too draggy. It seems as if she's repeating herself again and again and again. Oh wait, the book is basically about her, so I find it boring, too self-centred and self-focused on. 

The last part where she was in Bali is written in a much better way. She gives an insight of the cultures, and the people and their ways, and her ways around their ways. 

In conclusion, I do not recommend this book. I am only 20 years old, so probably I am not the best age to read this though. 

I repeat, it is super draggy.

Oh, and here's the snippet that everyone's been reblogging on their Tumblr and stuffs saying it's so sweet blablabla. Well, it was actually what she wrote to herself in her diary. To motivate herself. 

See, I told you she can give a detail with a detail.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Random Mumble.

We decided to go to Sunway yesterday. As usual, me with my last minute preparations rushed to get ready, although I already knew that he will be coming at 1030 am. Managed to clean up the house, and while I was rushing to get into the shower, my phone rang. Irritated, I stepped out of the toilet again and grab my phone. An unknown number. I picked up. Some guy was asking whether he could speak to me, along with some mumbling and rambling. I wanted to reject the call since I feel it was such a waste of time, but something he said made my ears perked up. ".....Sunway Management Team..." It was Jijol! Jijol you made me late -.-

Anyway, we did meet each other. Suddenly I miss UIA because we can meet friends everyday and hang out, not here at home with everyone working and I'm stuck at home stranded because I am not trusted with the car. I don't trust myself with the car either. Too bad when we had the meet up, no pictures were taken. Sigh. It could have been a nice picture, me with my newly trimmed hair... ermmm  -.-

Friday, July 1, 2011

Womanly pain.

It kinda bugs me at how painful periods can be to some women, and how easy their life is even with period. For me, it's like the dreaded time of the month. Probably for my boyfriend and my friends, too. 

Let me explain. 

It's a combination of rolling about in bed with pain, cold sweat, feel like fainting, tired, dizzy, feel like the world is gonna collapse and probably the most irritating thing in mind, constant vomiting etc. I think I have one of those severe types of period pain. Definitely bothering when I used to have it every month during high school. Thank god, now it's reduced.

Well, nothing helps. What I usually do is cry on the phone complaining about the pain, hiding under the duvet and constantly twisting, and I need something warm for my tummy. I have tried Panadol's, the pink one, well, it didn't work. So I had also tried Ponstan and Ibuprofen. I tried hot water bottle for soothing, even the laptop due to its hot base. I tried avoiding dairy products, cold drinks and gassy beverages. Drinking hot Milo everytime it hurts. Switch off the aircond and the fan for more warmth. 
Then again, basically the main cure; sleep. Yeap, sleep is the best medicine for period pain. 

I bet my doctor is shaking his head " No no" because the last time I went to his clinic, he said I should get married. Haa now I have a great excuse on why I should get married.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Here's the reason why.

It's my 2nd semester in IIUM Gombak, or also known as UIA. My second semester as a BEN student, which stands for Bachelor of English. No more a student of ENMS, which stands for Economics and Management Sciences for two semesters. And people I meet still ask why do I switch courses. Why didn't I switch while I was doing my foundation? It's definitely harder to do a completely new course without the basics. And here I am, jumping straight into an unknown depth of faith. 

Truth is, I still am finding the reasons from within myself. Why do I switch and why now? When I was in foundation, I was really excited to do Economics. It has great job prospects, and stuffs like that. But then again, I struggled. I was staggering through my subjects, I found myself studying without fully understanding it. I was always with my phone, texting people to ask questions I should know, calling people to ask for better understanding. 

I managed to drag myself to finish it in a year and a half.

It was supposed to be a year. 

But I got caught up. Only my close friends knew. I still vividly remember, when a lecturer informed me that there was no way that I can finish up my studies in a year, right after I went out the office door, I hung my head low, cupped my hands to my face and cried. Right in front of my male friend. And then my female friend came along, and I hugged her so tight I feel as though I am strangling her, but I need to hold on her for support, for my world has crashed.I cried for a brief moment though, for we all had a class to attend to. And I'm assigned to do a presentation. Halfway through the presentation, my eyes watered up, my throat feels as though there was a big lump, but I managed to compose myself, as my friends were smiling and supporting me. That was the day I know, we will all still be friends no matter what happened. On the last day of the year, many was wishing me "Goodluck, see you in Gombak next sem!". 

They thought I was joining them. 

I wasn't. 

When  my close friends told me goodbye, I hugged them all and didn't cry. Except for one. We cried and didn't speak a word to each other. I hugged her tight, I was afraid that letting go of it was a significant sign that everything will be over for me. I was afraid of the future.

However, fate has other plans for me. I managed to end my foundation as a ENMS student. And I started my new beginning as a BEN student. It took me some time to get through it, but eventually I did, thanks to my very understanding lecturers and supportive mates. 
I've always thought that I wouldn't be associated to ENMS anymore. Well, for my term paper I had to write on economic-related topics for one whole semester. This semester, my Arabic class is situated in the Economics faculty. And just today, my roommate asked me about accruals. 

So much for running away. Maybe I shouldn't. Maybe it's a way that God wants to show, it will always be a part of my life, no matter how small it is. I still miss my old course, of course I do, those pesky numbers. I still keep my calculator :)

I think I'll stick to my path now. It's not those kind of "road not taken" moment. It's I took one, decided it wasn't good for me, and diverted my path. And I'm glad I did. I regret myself for regretting. Those times were great, but now it's wonderful.

Friday, April 22, 2011


Seeing the teenagers right now, it is kinda scary. Seeing how they are dressed, how they carry themselves. How they socialize. I'm thinking, 20 years from now on, how will teenagers in that era will be? I admit, I am not those pious people. I have a socialized circle, open-minded thinking. My friends smoke. He smokes, too. Typical. Maybe it's easier to see other people's fault then your own. 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Hukum karma.

Have you ever felt that no matter what you do, people don't appreciate your efforts? And they didn't even try to listen. Sigh. Well that is life. You need to be selfish. You need to be dominant. Bak kata what I said to Ajijol Kamarujaman, sometimes we need to step over some toes to get to the top. When things go wrong, especially in group assignments, you just need to POINT IT OUT. Because those little minor things that may hurt their feelings, will hurt your marks. 

Sometimes I just don't understand why people can't take criticism. Or comments or opinions. Yes, you are allowed to stand by your decision or point of view, but can't you listen for a while? Being selfish tak best lah pulak. If nak jadi selfish or fussy, at least make it good. At least make it something that people can look up upon, not look down to. We live in a cycle, what goes around comes around. What goes up must come down. Ha, macam lagu Justin Timberlake pulak. But it's true la. Hukum karma namanya.

Okay emo post. Still. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011


It's been a crappy long while since I've last updated my blog. Sheesh. Well, now that I'm back,  I'm gonna rant.

It is a well-known fact that materialistic people are not a favourite among us, especially to guys. But then again , there is a difference between someone who loves someone because of the materials they get, and someone who simply loves materials. Tipulah kalau kau kata tak suka barang. Sape tak suke diberi barang kan? Paling tipu kalau girls kate tak suka kebendaan -.-

Girls lie too when they say they don't mind if you don't have money. Once in a while is okay, BUT if it is almost every time, and we still say we don't mind, that is a lie. Kadang-kadang nak jugak dibelanja makan and wayang, or something similar.

When we say we want/like something, that's a hint.

And yes, we lied too when we said we don't mind you cancelling our dates. Or birthdays. Or when you don't get us presents. 

Great lies, but nothing beats "I'm fine" , right?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Because its you

This picture is one of my favorites.
I like how it shows the same way we both smile. 
Dua-dua sepet and gigi bekas braces. 
I love you. 
I miss you :(

Friday, February 4, 2011


It is February already?
And I felt that taaruf in December was just a few days away.
And now we're having mid-term?
And finals starting at the end of March?
Time flies, really fast :/
I've made new friends, real friends, true friends.
And I am truly glad that I have them.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Not exactly magic.

I don't know what's the matter with me. Probably one of those transition process. Probably because I've heard a lot of wonderful news from people telling me the magic of Gombak. And because of that, I had high expectations. Now I'm agreeing to Jijol somehow. 
I miss Nilai. Like, really really do. The place itself hold memories for me. And those times I had there was amazing. Here are a list of them:

  • bangun 15mins before class pun sempat lagi pergi kelas without being late. siap boleh beli susu dutch lady kat mak cik
  • kirim pesan kat dormmate belikan food due to laziness
  • late night snacking (ex: kiosk, burger)
  • staying up late with friends watching movies although quizzes and exams besok or sth
  • heart-to-heart talks
  • squatting
  • the proud feeling bila lepas pak/mak guard
  • nasi lemak depan convenience
  • usually after a class, me and my classmates will rush and compete with each other to reach the next class, because nobody wants to sit at the front
  • the kirim-kirim session while waiting for class to start. someone will go the kiosk (usually a female) and the rest of the class (including boys) will pass money and orders. nak susu dutch lady chocolate lah, strawberry lah, coffee lah. lipton tea lah. ice lemon tea lah. cucuk2 dekat makcik lah. cucuk2 nak yang ikan lah ape. or the guys usually will request for nuggets or hot dogs. and ada nak sos, taknak sos, sos sikit, sos banyak -.- demand eh. and I will always be the victim.
  • walking all the way to block b for the ice cream and waffles and nasi ayam kawah thai
  • talking while bathing, and bath dates
  • gossiping in class and still able to answer the questions
  • last minute studying
  • walking to mcd or giant with friends and somehow the journey gets shorter
  • mcd breakfasttttt :D
  • complaining the weather is hot or the roof bocor sebab hujan -.-
  • lunch everywhere with everyone
  • and nobody will ever forget need the displaying of matric card
  • and the ever loving compounds :D
See those are just few reasons that I mentioned. Banyak lagi actually.  Even my roommates are not as friendly in Nilai. And I am Aimi to them, not Maggie.I really miss Nilai, and Gombak is just..different :(

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I'm lacking of updates.
I went up a hill that overlooks UIA in my baju kurung.
I hiked up a hill that overlooks Gombak in my jeans. 
I joined the IIUM Theatre Club.
I went out of the club.
I joined CELPAD Got Talent representing BM Division under acting. We got 3rd. Out of four -.-
I was involved in a misunderstanding matter.
I'm learning to have quickie breakfast everyday.
I got my matric card which actually looked nice except that I look bloated.
I went to Vietnam and got mistaken as a Vietnamese. A lot of times.