Friday, September 23, 2011

Patah tumbuh, hilang berganti?

Alright. If you read my last post, you now know that my schedule sucks despite numerous attempts to save it. I remember saying kalau dah namanya tak ade rezeki or something similar. Well, now I am saying, ada hikmah disebaliknya.

I went to my MassCom class the other day at 10am since we were all not informed whether it will be at 10am or at 5pm as what the previous lecturer had told us. I said previous because, surprise surprise, a male suddenly came into our class and asked if this is Section 7. We said, yes. Turns out he is our new lecturer, Br. Ayub. I definitely like the new guy because he is young, I mean super young compared to Sir Abdul Halim. He is currently doing his PHD in Uia, and he gives a clear and simple lecture. Great examples. Yeay! 

As for my Drama class, the lecturer is also a part-timer. She's great too, and our class is so small. Comprising of only 13 students, so we are all in one team :)

P/s: the other day kena kejar with anjing, and this week kena kejar dengan lebah sesat in the shower -.-

Friday, September 16, 2011

Kalau dah tak ada rezeki

My first week in Gombak. One word. Hectic. Let me explain. I had accidentally dropped my place in Drama class. So I had to re-register. Well, only two sections were open. I tried for the 2nd section. Now, the lecturer stated was Kak Mei. I badly wanted her to teach because it is a well known fact that she is one hell of a great lecturer. So we went to her class (us without a place) and asked her to sign our Adjustment Forms. She signed them and said that she will take care of everything, you know, sending them to the department for approval. 

The next day, we suddenly saw a notice saying that a new section is opened, and  it starts from 5-8 pm on Mondays. We were all worried since nobody wants to go to a night class, right? Sad to say, section 2 is closed and we are added into the 3rd section. And another lecturer instead will be teaching us, a part-timer. Damn. But she is said to specialise in wardrobe costumes and theatre. So hopefully, it will be all good. Amin.

Next, Mass Comm. Again, with the no place in the class thing. So, we filled in our forms to give to the lecturer. I specifically picked the class because of the lecturer, Pn. Mazni and the timing. 10-11.20 am. Great, right? Our forms even got approved by the department.
However, the next class, a man came into our class. He said that he will be our new lecturer instead of
Pn. Mazni. Double damn. And then, he said he needs to change the class time to  5-6.20pm or 8-11pm. Triple damn :(

For CCT, the lecturer refused to sign our forms because she said that she only accepts final year students. I rushed to the nearby photocopy shop and grabbed 2 sheets of Adjustment Forms and went to IRK building for another lecturer to sign. A quadruple damn, because she wasn't in and we were in our last hour of Add/ Drop session. So yeah. When I threw away the form , I said, maka terbuanglah harapan kita sekali.

Despite all that, I managed to have a great time with my friends. Even celebrated for a surprise party for Aisya in the middle of the night, even got chased by a dog -.- So yeah, I'll get used to it. I love UIA anyhow :)

With my super crazy friends :D

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Instant act.

So I woke up yesterday morning with a call. I did not remember hearing any ringing, but suddenly I was looking at my screen with some letters for a name calling me. I picked it up and heard a guy's voice. 

Me: Hello.. *sleepy voice*
Guy: Maggie, you tido ke?
 Me: No no, I dah bangun. Jap, ni Keder ke?
Guy: Yeah yeah. Takpelah, you tido balik.
Me: Eh why? Jap kenapa?
Guy: You kata semalam nak ikut beraya. I thought nak datang rumah you then we go to Iwa's. I kat Dengkil ni.
Me: Omg serious! *melompat dari katil* I siap sekarang!

So.. yeah. I managed to take a bath, and then he and his friend, Akmal showed up. So I invited them in with my un-powder-ed face, and proceeded to get ready. After all the cookies and chit chat with my parents, off we go to Iwa's at Denai Alam.
Sampai-sampai je nampak Nadiah Khairi. This would be my 3rd time of seeing her this week! Oh and we ate chicken rice, too. And kuih bunga dahlia. Haha.
Great times of catching up :) Love you guys.

Nadiah, me, and Keder :)