Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man

So yesterday I watched The Amazing Spider-Man with him. Most of the tickets were sold out, except for the bad seats. Well, desperate as we are, we got the bad seats. I mean like, 2 rows upfront. Corner. 

15minutes later, I am already complaining of a neck ache, and promising myself that I would never ever pick seats like these no matter how hyped is the movie, though I am sure this is my umpteenth time of promise.

So! The movie review. Well, in my opinion, the plot is basically the same with a little bit of changes. Well, Peter Parker who live with his Uncle Ben and Aunt May, and awkward with girls as well as the interest in photography, bla bla bla you know the drill.

In my opinion, probably Andrew Garfield is selected to play Peter Parker is because he is supposed to bring an edgier and cooler side of Spider-Man instead of the wide-eyed and nerdy Tobey Maguire. He is more aggressive looking and in this remake of Spider-Man, more comical elements were inserted.

I am not gonna give out anymore spoilers, so just go to the nearest cinema to you and enjoy the movie. Though, in my opinion, I prefer the old Spider-Man. Probably because I prefer Mary Jane better compared to Gwen Stacy.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


It's a little late to announce, but I am still determined to say that I'm finally on a semester break. It is quite short, just a quick 3 weeks. Coming in terms of that, I have to really appreciate this rest since I badly need it. Whatnot after all the drama in a drama, ups and downs, exams and late night stay ups and early morning get ups. 

Well, in every semester there will always be a lesson learned. Always, and always value your friendship. There should never be a time where a person should neglect his friend, especially in worse times. A friend is a shoulder to lean on, a pillar to hold on, a strength to pull on. And I am very glad to say that my friends are always there for me, despite whatever came up. Well, you know who you are and I love you for being there for me. 

There's one thing that I hate though. I hate it when people hide away their knowledge from their close friends. I really don't understand where is the fun in there. To me, when there is a tough subject out there, what you can do to maximize your understanding is to do a study group. And trust me, it works out great. 

Next, I have learned that what makes you weak makes you stronger. And swearing at people( not as in joking, but in a serious situation and you really mean it) doesn't make things solve itself, it makes my image looks bad, but it definitely makes me feel better! Okay joking. I think. I have broken down a lot of times this semester, I cried my eyes out until I feel like I'm about to collapse. I hate to admit that I am weak, but I am proud to admit that I bounced back. Well, with my mates as well <3

Oh and as a conclusion, a few days before our final exam, Dayang, Salwa and me were walking and laughing our heads off over a biawak. Scene ni tengah jalan naik tangga hs ke arah parking motor. Tengah dok gelak-gelak tibe-tibe tengok orang sebelah dah xda, tengah bersujud kat lantai. Masih mood gelak-gelak lagi, so tanya kenapa? Dia kata offer la dia tempat duduk, tapi dia lambat sangat so last-last sendiri duduk. Last-last kitorang papah dia sampai dorm dan call macam-macam pertolongan. Heee sudanhya, dia tersalah urat, ke sendi? dan kini menerima rawatan selanjutnya secara tradisional :) Hello salwi :D

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Life is a Drama :)

So, finally drama in a drama is over. And I want to thank those people who said this to me for support:
" You can do it, I know you can do it"  
"Maggie jangan nangis, nanti aku nangis sekali"
"Mana Maggie yang aku kenal? Mana Maggie yang gila-gila tu?"
"Maggie please jangan nangis..aku tak taw macam mana nak pujuk..please"
"Korang mintak je, kitorang nanti tolong"
"Aku jadi batang pokok, aku jadi batang pokok"
"Maggie, istighfar..Astaghfirullahalazim.."
"Aku stay untuk korang, betapa supportnye aku"
"Ala chill je, kitorang semua ada"
"Apa-apa pun, we're a team. Jom buat usrah"

You know who you guys are. I love all of you, and thanks for all the back breaking support. Terharu :')

And here are some pictures from the drama staging: 

The end :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011


I am home, and it feels great! I am done with my exams, but one which is Drama and exactly after the mid break. Yeap, mid break. I am now on a one week leave. 

And basically I am done with my Sciences of Quran assignment which is already submitted, Mass Comm which I only need to print out and I am done, and Drama's creative interpretation. And I have already recited all the surahs to my Ustaz which is such a complete relief. 

Although I am not happy with my exams, though. Sciences of Quran? Bolehla. Mass Comm? Alhamdulillah bolehla. Arab? Agak hancur lah. Phonetics? Tak payah cakapla -.-

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Just a quick update. Such a busy busy schedule coming up. My to-do list is as below:
  • complete my assignment for Science of Quran by this Friday
  • complete my assignment for Mass Com by this Friday
  • complete my assignment for Study Circle
  • complete my assignment for Drama by this week
  • Arabic quiz on this Thursday
  • memorizing the remaining surah(s) for Tilawah by this Thursday
  • memorizing Surah Al- Mukminun 1-13, and 1 doa for Study Circle by this Saturday
  • start revising for the upcoming exams
Whew. So far, I think that is all. For now in my head. Hopefully, I can handle all with great strength and willpower. And intelligence! Oh and I am thinking of joining the SNECU classes in UIA. I saw the flyers today. SNECU classes are for those who feel they are weak in Arabic language or English language. Which everyone knows I suck in Arabic language! 
Oh, and it is odd that those people that I used to see last semester, like everyday, because we will always cross paths, are now the people that I now rarely see. I mean, I think I only saw them like once or twice je this semester. This is sad. Sigh. All the best.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Patah tumbuh, hilang berganti?

Alright. If you read my last post, you now know that my schedule sucks despite numerous attempts to save it. I remember saying kalau dah namanya tak ade rezeki or something similar. Well, now I am saying, ada hikmah disebaliknya.

I went to my MassCom class the other day at 10am since we were all not informed whether it will be at 10am or at 5pm as what the previous lecturer had told us. I said previous because, surprise surprise, a male suddenly came into our class and asked if this is Section 7. We said, yes. Turns out he is our new lecturer, Br. Ayub. I definitely like the new guy because he is young, I mean super young compared to Sir Abdul Halim. He is currently doing his PHD in Uia, and he gives a clear and simple lecture. Great examples. Yeay! 

As for my Drama class, the lecturer is also a part-timer. She's great too, and our class is so small. Comprising of only 13 students, so we are all in one team :)

P/s: the other day kena kejar with anjing, and this week kena kejar dengan lebah sesat in the shower -.-

Friday, September 16, 2011

Kalau dah tak ada rezeki

My first week in Gombak. One word. Hectic. Let me explain. I had accidentally dropped my place in Drama class. So I had to re-register. Well, only two sections were open. I tried for the 2nd section. Now, the lecturer stated was Kak Mei. I badly wanted her to teach because it is a well known fact that she is one hell of a great lecturer. So we went to her class (us without a place) and asked her to sign our Adjustment Forms. She signed them and said that she will take care of everything, you know, sending them to the department for approval. 

The next day, we suddenly saw a notice saying that a new section is opened, and  it starts from 5-8 pm on Mondays. We were all worried since nobody wants to go to a night class, right? Sad to say, section 2 is closed and we are added into the 3rd section. And another lecturer instead will be teaching us, a part-timer. Damn. But she is said to specialise in wardrobe costumes and theatre. So hopefully, it will be all good. Amin.

Next, Mass Comm. Again, with the no place in the class thing. So, we filled in our forms to give to the lecturer. I specifically picked the class because of the lecturer, Pn. Mazni and the timing. 10-11.20 am. Great, right? Our forms even got approved by the department.
However, the next class, a man came into our class. He said that he will be our new lecturer instead of
Pn. Mazni. Double damn. And then, he said he needs to change the class time to  5-6.20pm or 8-11pm. Triple damn :(

For CCT, the lecturer refused to sign our forms because she said that she only accepts final year students. I rushed to the nearby photocopy shop and grabbed 2 sheets of Adjustment Forms and went to IRK building for another lecturer to sign. A quadruple damn, because she wasn't in and we were in our last hour of Add/ Drop session. So yeah. When I threw away the form , I said, maka terbuanglah harapan kita sekali.

Despite all that, I managed to have a great time with my friends. Even celebrated for a surprise party for Aisya in the middle of the night, even got chased by a dog -.- So yeah, I'll get used to it. I love UIA anyhow :)

With my super crazy friends :D