Wednesday, January 18, 2012


It's a little late to announce, but I am still determined to say that I'm finally on a semester break. It is quite short, just a quick 3 weeks. Coming in terms of that, I have to really appreciate this rest since I badly need it. Whatnot after all the drama in a drama, ups and downs, exams and late night stay ups and early morning get ups. 

Well, in every semester there will always be a lesson learned. Always, and always value your friendship. There should never be a time where a person should neglect his friend, especially in worse times. A friend is a shoulder to lean on, a pillar to hold on, a strength to pull on. And I am very glad to say that my friends are always there for me, despite whatever came up. Well, you know who you are and I love you for being there for me. 

There's one thing that I hate though. I hate it when people hide away their knowledge from their close friends. I really don't understand where is the fun in there. To me, when there is a tough subject out there, what you can do to maximize your understanding is to do a study group. And trust me, it works out great. 

Next, I have learned that what makes you weak makes you stronger. And swearing at people( not as in joking, but in a serious situation and you really mean it) doesn't make things solve itself, it makes my image looks bad, but it definitely makes me feel better! Okay joking. I think. I have broken down a lot of times this semester, I cried my eyes out until I feel like I'm about to collapse. I hate to admit that I am weak, but I am proud to admit that I bounced back. Well, with my mates as well <3

Oh and as a conclusion, a few days before our final exam, Dayang, Salwa and me were walking and laughing our heads off over a biawak. Scene ni tengah jalan naik tangga hs ke arah parking motor. Tengah dok gelak-gelak tibe-tibe tengok orang sebelah dah xda, tengah bersujud kat lantai. Masih mood gelak-gelak lagi, so tanya kenapa? Dia kata offer la dia tempat duduk, tapi dia lambat sangat so last-last sendiri duduk. Last-last kitorang papah dia sampai dorm dan call macam-macam pertolongan. Heee sudanhya, dia tersalah urat, ke sendi? dan kini menerima rawatan selanjutnya secara tradisional :) Hello salwi :D