Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man

So yesterday I watched The Amazing Spider-Man with him. Most of the tickets were sold out, except for the bad seats. Well, desperate as we are, we got the bad seats. I mean like, 2 rows upfront. Corner. 

15minutes later, I am already complaining of a neck ache, and promising myself that I would never ever pick seats like these no matter how hyped is the movie, though I am sure this is my umpteenth time of promise.

So! The movie review. Well, in my opinion, the plot is basically the same with a little bit of changes. Well, Peter Parker who live with his Uncle Ben and Aunt May, and awkward with girls as well as the interest in photography, bla bla bla you know the drill.

In my opinion, probably Andrew Garfield is selected to play Peter Parker is because he is supposed to bring an edgier and cooler side of Spider-Man instead of the wide-eyed and nerdy Tobey Maguire. He is more aggressive looking and in this remake of Spider-Man, more comical elements were inserted.

I am not gonna give out anymore spoilers, so just go to the nearest cinema to you and enjoy the movie. Though, in my opinion, I prefer the old Spider-Man. Probably because I prefer Mary Jane better compared to Gwen Stacy.