Saturday, November 21, 2009

whoop di woop!

i didnt update my blog lately
didnt devote myself to it
at least
i am now.
when out with my iium peeps
our thursday class ends at 3
and fri starts at 11
we decided to go out
coz Aisya had her lil Sparkie :)
watched A Christmas Carol
i noe,short kan.

arishah with her 'EUREKA!' look

rock'n roll peeps!

kenny's :)

and that friday
iium had no water supply
i stayed up till 5am watching boys over flowers
and at 7sth
they were like
'takde air!camne nak mandi!'
'aku saket perut!'
'aku ade kelas kul 8!'
etc etc etc.
i was like shit lahhh
mira went frantic
aisya was 'so?xyahla mandi'
arishah was 'im-so-not-going-to-class-if-takde-air'
i was 'ngantoknyee,jom ponteng'
got a brilliant idea tho
y not call mdm
and cancel the class?
of course i had to persuade Bad,
he caved in eventually'
he told madam
'sisters taknak pergi kelas sbb tak mandi'
'and brothers ramai gak taknak pergi'
and she caved in too
padahal shes on her way to nilai dah
sorry madam :(
but 10 mins to 11,
*our class was supposed to start at 11*
'weyh dah ade air!'
what the-?
pfft lah
neway i continued sleeping
with the rest of G3 doing the same

Saturday, November 14, 2009

when time is limited

passion fruit and mango i thk.

peanuts and stuff.

Ever since i left subang for nilai,
didnt have the time to update,
so my blog is like,
almost DEAD.
in nilai there is this new hangout spot la,
where it serves ice shavings which are so delish!
everyone wanted to go there,
since nilai is so deadly lifeless -_-"
(scroll upwards for the ice shaving pics)
oh and oh,
i miss my babes so much.
mane korang :(
sejak kite masuk uni sume,
dah tak contact cam dulu lagi,
dah tak otp lame2 lagi,
and biler nk lepak,
either x balik sj,
or ade finals,
or hangout with uni frens,
or things.
really missing u guys :(

from left:

ps: i was typing bout the ice room thingy,and forgotten to upload the pics i hastily added it on top.heh.