Saturday, November 14, 2009

when time is limited

passion fruit and mango i thk.

peanuts and stuff.

Ever since i left subang for nilai,
didnt have the time to update,
so my blog is like,
almost DEAD.
in nilai there is this new hangout spot la,
where it serves ice shavings which are so delish!
everyone wanted to go there,
since nilai is so deadly lifeless -_-"
(scroll upwards for the ice shaving pics)
oh and oh,
i miss my babes so much.
mane korang :(
sejak kite masuk uni sume,
dah tak contact cam dulu lagi,
dah tak otp lame2 lagi,
and biler nk lepak,
either x balik sj,
or ade finals,
or hangout with uni frens,
or things.
really missing u guys :(

from left:

ps: i was typing bout the ice room thingy,and forgotten to upload the pics i hastily added it on top.heh.

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