Saturday, January 29, 2011

Not exactly magic.

I don't know what's the matter with me. Probably one of those transition process. Probably because I've heard a lot of wonderful news from people telling me the magic of Gombak. And because of that, I had high expectations. Now I'm agreeing to Jijol somehow. 
I miss Nilai. Like, really really do. The place itself hold memories for me. And those times I had there was amazing. Here are a list of them:

  • bangun 15mins before class pun sempat lagi pergi kelas without being late. siap boleh beli susu dutch lady kat mak cik
  • kirim pesan kat dormmate belikan food due to laziness
  • late night snacking (ex: kiosk, burger)
  • staying up late with friends watching movies although quizzes and exams besok or sth
  • heart-to-heart talks
  • squatting
  • the proud feeling bila lepas pak/mak guard
  • nasi lemak depan convenience
  • usually after a class, me and my classmates will rush and compete with each other to reach the next class, because nobody wants to sit at the front
  • the kirim-kirim session while waiting for class to start. someone will go the kiosk (usually a female) and the rest of the class (including boys) will pass money and orders. nak susu dutch lady chocolate lah, strawberry lah, coffee lah. lipton tea lah. ice lemon tea lah. cucuk2 dekat makcik lah. cucuk2 nak yang ikan lah ape. or the guys usually will request for nuggets or hot dogs. and ada nak sos, taknak sos, sos sikit, sos banyak -.- demand eh. and I will always be the victim.
  • walking all the way to block b for the ice cream and waffles and nasi ayam kawah thai
  • talking while bathing, and bath dates
  • gossiping in class and still able to answer the questions
  • last minute studying
  • walking to mcd or giant with friends and somehow the journey gets shorter
  • mcd breakfasttttt :D
  • complaining the weather is hot or the roof bocor sebab hujan -.-
  • lunch everywhere with everyone
  • and nobody will ever forget need the displaying of matric card
  • and the ever loving compounds :D
See those are just few reasons that I mentioned. Banyak lagi actually.  Even my roommates are not as friendly in Nilai. And I am Aimi to them, not Maggie.I really miss Nilai, and Gombak is just..different :(


rendrazaleigh. said...

durghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh told ya.

*i tak pernah cakap pun gombak best. pernah tak rasa serba salah tak study kat nilai?

series i tak pernah. kat gombak, cuba kalau besok ada quiz 5 marks, study macam besok final je.

oh yes, im kinda miss those moments watching paranormal activity with my roomates. i can scream my lungs out.

kan sini, i bukak lagu pun dengar "shhh shhh shh shh"

and yes class registration. still pain in the asssssssssszzzzzzzzzz.

anyhow, we are getting older. slowly nanti u adapt.

and, i still rindu nilai :(

*lepas ni, mesti i browse lagi gambar. haaaaaaaaaaaaaa :(

anyway, nice post maggie :)

Aimi/Maggie said...

well semua orang macam cerita kat i gombak best, banyak facilities, sejuk lah kepebende :(

haha takkk tak pernah rase bersalah. taw pun, study mcm org gile. the other midterm i studied like hell, tgk2 it was only a piece of a4 paper -.-

hahaha u tak bayangkan pulak i tengok cerita the descent, screaming like a maniac, but with the swear words included :D

i bukak lagu pki earphones ohh, gang datang pun mcm gelak control haha

i know, i'll adapt later on, but it will take a long process. sigh, gombak is like way opp of nilai.

and yes jijol, i miss nilai too.. :(

i dah browse dah pun, omg rindu zaman dulu-dulu :'(

rendrazaleigh. said...

bentang tilam atas lantai dan tidur tidur ramai-ramai.

kalau kat gombak buat macam ni, mesti roomates ingat gila.


Aimi/Maggie said...

crap, rindu oh those moments!
siap share share tilam and bantal lagi..jijol, i rindu teramat kat nilai :(

and and, i miss bulan puasa kat nilai :(

ani arishah said...

tapitapitapi kt gombak pun i study mcm kt nilai :/
but if u're in nilai right at this moment it won't be as good as before sebab semua org dah dkt gombak
and,i still squatting at ur chill i kan ada :)

Aimi/Maggie said...

seriously arishah??
u belajar last minute -.-

i knowww, cume nak be in sem 1,2 and 3 balikkkk

ani arishah said...

se ri ousss
lagi2 i dpt wifi dkt bilik so,i asyik main game :/