Monday, March 28, 2011

Hukum karma.

Have you ever felt that no matter what you do, people don't appreciate your efforts? And they didn't even try to listen. Sigh. Well that is life. You need to be selfish. You need to be dominant. Bak kata what I said to Ajijol Kamarujaman, sometimes we need to step over some toes to get to the top. When things go wrong, especially in group assignments, you just need to POINT IT OUT. Because those little minor things that may hurt their feelings, will hurt your marks. 

Sometimes I just don't understand why people can't take criticism. Or comments or opinions. Yes, you are allowed to stand by your decision or point of view, but can't you listen for a while? Being selfish tak best lah pulak. If nak jadi selfish or fussy, at least make it good. At least make it something that people can look up upon, not look down to. We live in a cycle, what goes around comes around. What goes up must come down. Ha, macam lagu Justin Timberlake pulak. But it's true la. Hukum karma namanya.

Okay emo post. Still. 

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