Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Life now.

Ive been in uia nilai for like 2 weeks?

Since im only here for like,a year?So my classes cam packed giler taw x.
Everyday,Mon to Thurs classes start at 9 and finish at 4.On Fri it starts at 8 and end at 5.Cm wtf je?Fri is supposed to be freeeeeeee~.Which it turns out not to be,turns out to be my busiest day of all.Fuck fuck fuckkkkk.
Neways,dorm turns out to be fine.Kind airy and roomy and spacey.
Studies suck.Well,not all.Maths suck like seriously.Had a test today.And gez wat,its like add maths actually,name je suck giler kan?I cant remember wat to do,i knew the formulaes,just cant apply it.Whats the point?I bet my teacher will be dissapointed.

Oh and last sat had party at iwan's.They were like 'eh maggie dah itam.ehh maggie dah gemuk'.Panas okayyy,n gemuk kejap jeeee.

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