Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The rationals and the irrationals.

So since im a student right now,im currently learning subjects im weak at.Statistics,Mathematics 1 and 2,Accountings.oh and eng,but im fine with that.
Had maths lessons just now,sorry cikgu,tp suara cikgu soft sgt!had to really prick my hearing to figure out what she was i was really understanding :)
but hey,i tried okay.and it suck.we were learning real numbers,composite numbers,integers.oh and rational and irrational numbers whether they are nonterminating and nonrepeating decimals.
Took some time to understand?i did too :)
Allow me to read out a few Qs.
  1. the union of numbers with non repeating and non terminating decimals is irrational.True or false.
  2. the intersection of the set of real numbers and the set of rational numbers is the set of decimals that either terminate or repeat.True or false.

I did try doing the exercises.will try agn n agn.damnnn im a student,dunt do last min studying lagi!

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