Saturday, September 4, 2010

I'll Be Your Worst Nightmare

Actually, that "I" in my title refers to : period pain.
If there's a club on period pain sufferers I'll be their active member. If it comes with points, hell, I'm sure I'm among the top. For having bad bad bad period pain, with terrible symptoms. And its becoming irregular. I didn't get any for July. August's was sort of long instead of the usual 5-6 days, that made me ponteng puasa. And now, its September where I assumed it will be in another 5-6 days but it came early. And its still the month of puasa -.-
So yeah, bangun sahur as usual. Slept. Woke up with cramps. Proceeded to hang the clothes then felt uneasy and went to the loo. Surprise, its PERIOD! I panicked. I know its gonna be painful. Quickly drank a hot Milo. Biscuits. Lay down on the bed and texted him. Minutes later, nightmare has begun. Throwing up, and I was doubled in pain. I couldn't sit up properly or stand up straight.
Called Mum and told her to please buy me porridge. She did, and I ate it slowly so that my tummy won't reject it. It failed. I vomited again right after that. And then I called him, crying on the phone. I don't know why, I know he's not here to actually comfort betul-betul, but hearing his voice was soothing enough. I cried and cried despite of a few disturbances. Then I told him I need to go, nak muntah.
Yes I did. All on the floor. And it was whatever remaining of the porridge. And what's worse, I actually snorted a piece of chicken out of my nostril. Okay, gross. Haha. But I remembered thinking when I did that, "What the fuck. Asal ade ayam." I was shivering from all those vomiting, and weak. I felt like passing out. Then called him back, nanges lagi sampai credit gone.
Proceeded to cry again, and put a lappy on my tummy. Its hot. Super. But good. I slept with it on. An hour later then I'm okay.
They say to get rid of this pain is to get married, go have sex, and have a baby. It works that way. Sayang, cepat kahwin ngan i! -.-
So yeah. I don't like the way it hurts, you period pain.

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