Thursday, September 2, 2010

Other's Mess.

I could cry.
Actually, I did.
See, I have 3 assignments for two different subjects. Maths and Accounts. And I'm supposed to submit 1 a week after a trip, and another 2 on the same day, 1st September. Maths was given approx a week, and Accounts, a week and another assignment, 2 weeks. Okay. We'll begin my complaints. You can judge me later.

The first assignment was a report on a Yakult trip. We were given guidelines on our report. Our job is to copy down any info needed from the trip. Easy. We have 6 members. Right? Well, out of 6, 4 did their jobs. 2 didn't. Well those two gave a hell lots of prob. I named them, J and F. We all wrote infos. They didn't. I asked them, why? and they answered " I dun't know what to write". Seriously? Even with a guideline? And then F saw that my notebook was filled with scribbled notes, and said " Wow, you wrote. We could use that". And I answered, " We ALL wrote" before walking off. A few days later, suddenly J said, " eh x payah buat report, i dah buat". I was shocked. Really. And I said " Kenapa tak discuss? Nanti tunjuk kat aku, mane taw kene edit ape ape". J: " eh xpayahla, aku copy paste je dari internet". WOW. That easy. Anyway, we leave it. A day before submission, we had a group discussion. She came, and said " Aku letak semua dalam pendrive. Pendrive kene virus so xboleh nak bukak. Kire kene buat baru". I could cry.
Second, a study case. Told them to email to me their work by 30th. Some did, some did not. Some did, when it was after midnight. Which we need to submit on 1st. Oh, and when I told F that she need to do the visual aid using mahjong paper, she said her handwriting is ugly and sucks, ask J instead, and she had to do it all alone?? Tak pikir the rest of our situations.

W and Y. Only a week of preparing. All our meetings, ended up with me doing the work. they just stared, and when i told them to do theirs, they said they don't know. TRY la. I have no idea on what to do too. I tried getting help from a male friend, and asked them to accompany. They said "segan". I'm not "segan" is it? My friend didn't manage to work it out. When I meet W and Y again, they asked " kawan awak dapat buat tak?dapat sampai mane?". Told them it didn't work out, let's meet tonight. Submission tomorrow. Y said, she has accounts discussion at 830. Let's meet at 9. I don't have discussion is it? She came at 930, and have to be back by 10 as she stays in block A. WTH. As for W, when I told her bout the time, she said " tapi nak pergi terawih". Tak wajib kan. And besok kene hantar. She said" xpe nanti i jenguk". JENGUK?? She did what she said. She came with her telekung, hovering over me while I was on the floor with the papers. We managed to get help from a friend, and I had to do all. Again she said, "tak taw". When its all done, she said to them "thanks eh korang" and then to me " i balik dulu". and off she goes.

Yes, I should cry again. For holding fort for those types of people. Orang tak bertanggungjawab, and take things for granted.


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Yes that bad. terrible kan? :(

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omg terukna diorg

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kesian megi ;(