Friday, July 1, 2011

Womanly pain.

It kinda bugs me at how painful periods can be to some women, and how easy their life is even with period. For me, it's like the dreaded time of the month. Probably for my boyfriend and my friends, too. 

Let me explain. 

It's a combination of rolling about in bed with pain, cold sweat, feel like fainting, tired, dizzy, feel like the world is gonna collapse and probably the most irritating thing in mind, constant vomiting etc. I think I have one of those severe types of period pain. Definitely bothering when I used to have it every month during high school. Thank god, now it's reduced.

Well, nothing helps. What I usually do is cry on the phone complaining about the pain, hiding under the duvet and constantly twisting, and I need something warm for my tummy. I have tried Panadol's, the pink one, well, it didn't work. So I had also tried Ponstan and Ibuprofen. I tried hot water bottle for soothing, even the laptop due to its hot base. I tried avoiding dairy products, cold drinks and gassy beverages. Drinking hot Milo everytime it hurts. Switch off the aircond and the fan for more warmth. 
Then again, basically the main cure; sleep. Yeap, sleep is the best medicine for period pain. 

I bet my doctor is shaking his head " No no" because the last time I went to his clinic, he said I should get married. Haa now I have a great excuse on why I should get married.


rendrazaleigh. said...

hi maggi sayang

kesian awok, i always make fun of PMS, mcm nampak muka macam tak selesa or bad mood je confirm PMS, now... I dun think i would ever make fun of PMS again.


anyway, last line tu, takleh blah hehehehehee. ngaji tak habis ada hati nak kawen. hehehe ;ppp

AimiMaggie said...

dear ajijol kamarujaman,

taw pun kesian, i pun perasan klu boys nampak girls muke bad mood je or emo sure teka pms. haha. ala tp stgh org nye mmg okay je, rileks je. i tergolong antara yang tidak bernasib baik.

hehehehe mestilah ada hati nak kahwin, boleh meluaskannnnnn ;p

ps: i dah khatam.

Bill said...

It sounds awful . I kene macam tu once in a while je .
U should prolly follow ur doctor's order ;P

AimiMaggie said...

hahaha icah! wait-bill. haha. i want to follow his orders, but me mommy forbids that -.-