Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Random Mumble.

We decided to go to Sunway yesterday. As usual, me with my last minute preparations rushed to get ready, although I already knew that he will be coming at 1030 am. Managed to clean up the house, and while I was rushing to get into the shower, my phone rang. Irritated, I stepped out of the toilet again and grab my phone. An unknown number. I picked up. Some guy was asking whether he could speak to me, along with some mumbling and rambling. I wanted to reject the call since I feel it was such a waste of time, but something he said made my ears perked up. ".....Sunway Management Team..." It was Jijol! Jijol you made me late -.-

Anyway, we did meet each other. Suddenly I miss UIA because we can meet friends everyday and hang out, not here at home with everyone working and I'm stuck at home stranded because I am not trusted with the car. I don't trust myself with the car either. Too bad when we had the meet up, no pictures were taken. Sigh. It could have been a nice picture, me with my newly trimmed hair... ermmm  -.-

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