Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Instant act.

So I woke up yesterday morning with a call. I did not remember hearing any ringing, but suddenly I was looking at my screen with some letters for a name calling me. I picked it up and heard a guy's voice. 

Me: Hello.. *sleepy voice*
Guy: Maggie, you tido ke?
 Me: No no, I dah bangun. Jap, ni Keder ke?
Guy: Yeah yeah. Takpelah, you tido balik.
Me: Eh why? Jap kenapa?
Guy: You kata semalam nak ikut beraya. I thought nak datang rumah you then we go to Iwa's. I kat Dengkil ni.
Me: Omg serious! *melompat dari katil* I siap sekarang!

So.. yeah. I managed to take a bath, and then he and his friend, Akmal showed up. So I invited them in with my un-powder-ed face, and proceeded to get ready. After all the cookies and chit chat with my parents, off we go to Iwa's at Denai Alam.
Sampai-sampai je nampak Nadiah Khairi. This would be my 3rd time of seeing her this week! Oh and we ate chicken rice, too. And kuih bunga dahlia. Haha.
Great times of catching up :) Love you guys.

Nadiah, me, and Keder :)


Bill said...

Ya Allah rambut khaidir cam.. cam..

I miss u aimiiii, hope to hv lunch with u soon in gombak. :D

AimiMaggie said...

hahaha panjang kan? kalah bieber. hehe miss you too lah bill, we definitely need to have lunch together soon!