Friday, July 24, 2009

i love u guys <3

Its been a long long time since ive updated my blog.

Well,im updating it now.

U see,i was too busy with studies.I had classes and exams at the same time.There was diz one day,i had class from 9 to 1040,another class at 12 to 1,another at 2 to 5,n my exam was 530 to 7.Wonderful day of stress dont u think? :)

So last week,i had a week break.But unfortunately my dear friends dunt,so im kinda stuck on the string alone.But anyway,i did went out last Wed,wit Iwa,Kiko,Shafiq,Zack,Apis.My dear campus friends they are :) Except Zack from Bj,n Apis,i just knew him.Well,watched Harry Potter,and i had a great deal of fun.Not the movie,but during the movie and throughout the day.And i really mean it :)

Its disheartning how 'the incident' of 1st July pulled sth away from me,but now im getting it back on track sumhow.It hurts,but thats the only way i could be happy.I know,it takes time to heal.But im just hoping it heals fast,coz honestly,i cant bear being down.No,i wasnt down.Mean,i was at first,but i let out my feelings that very night with my heart ache from sadness,with drops flow from my eyes,with my shuddering sobs turned to racketing hiccups,with my fingers trembling with such shakes.And i couldnt talk,dere was diz huge lump at my throat.

Soon after,i let go of everythg,till i was numb,till nth flows out from my eyes,till my sobs turned to long breaths,till my hand hold the edges of my pillow tightly.Im strong.I can move on.I am moving on.I have my friends,and everyone around me.Wanna thank u guys,for being dere for me.Seriously,aku sayang korang sesangat.Never had any better friends like u guys cm MELLA,SYIDAH,FARN,JUE AND MANY MORE.Muahx! =*

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