Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Last sat

Well,last sat went out.went to the dentist and MET WAWA!Hahaha best kan wa tgk dentist tu cabut2 besi dlm mulut ko n ko ternganga?hahaha dulu ko gelakkan aku kannn,padan muke! ;P
And that evening around 4,met up wit my peeps,Syidah,Mella,Wawa,Ryan,Kirin,Shafiq,and Zack,and gay!Neway,best lepak2 kt mcd,while exchanging stories bout dorm,hostels sume.Plus ghost stories -_-" Nak gak takut2 kan each other =D
Finally managed to have some time to spend time with u guys,such a reminiscence of those times where we use to talk and talk and no worries.And when i finally had to go home for university,they told me they r having a week's holiday?wtf.

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