Friday, July 10, 2009

Missing them ;(

Ive been here for almost 2 months.
I go back every weekends but theres always things i have to do that i cant c my babes.And when i finally did have some free time,i cant c them.How great.

Last week,nak kuar with my babes but SYIDAH couldnt make it.damnnn :( babe,aku seriously rindu kau.Byk giler aku nk cite kat ko,gossip sume.Nx nx week aku cuti mid term,can we meet up dat time?Rindu kauuuuuu.

And MELLA, aku pun rindu kauuuu.Last week dpt jugak kuar ngan kauuuu,n kite gi try2 baju kt kitschen kan?lame giler kan?n bukannye nak cr kasut aku,or barang last2 kau dpt gak barang kau kannn =D

Since we left school and moved on to universities/colleges,we dun spend time as much as we use to kan...the outings get lesser,the calls get shorter,the comments get further apart,and many more.korang jgn lose contact!if ade siap koranggg.
Muahx to my babes =*

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