Sunday, August 9, 2009

Experiencing The Way Life Should Be

Lame giler x update blog!!With exams and stuffs, just couldnt have some time running to the cc and go online.BUT, now i brought my laptop and *jeng jeng jeng* my darling BROADBAND!! Hahaha I,can go like,go online,anytime i want,and anywhere!Finally!Hahaha best best. Hee :D
This week was quite bitter.Had a few downfalls in my life,and it really saddens me.Cried my eyes out everyday.Sigh.Oh oh and last Wed,i got some certain illness,and i couldnt go to class.It just fucking hurts ;( And then on Thursday,i went to the clinic and asked for some medicine,and man,they were rough.
Lepas tu kan,i asked for a simple MC,and he said 'timeslip je ley'.I was like,fineee,thinking it will be for like an hour or at least 30mins?But to my horror,the time slip was till 940,and dat time it was 930!pissed wey.
So i went to acc,since ive no mc.But in class i just couldnt concentrate coz it hurts badly,n my fren dgn pandainye raised up her hand and said 'madam,i thk aimi shud go back to her dorm' and i was sent back.den i rested.
after dat had arab class.i wanted to go but i luk guy friend tried to force me not to go but i did.still staggered to class.sat on d chair with my head bent down. my fren handed me paper,i tried to reached for it,but i couldnt,i felt a sudden dizziness in my head and collapsed :( but thankfully did not lose conciousness.just collapsed.
Note to self,dah ade peluang xyah gi class,amik class kene balik gak -_-"

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