Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I love life :)

Well,when i tot things turned for the worse;
I got 20/20 for my maths quiz.
At first when i went up to my lecturer, she was like,agak2 markah kamu tinggi ke rendah?And i was like, Rendah rasenye,saya lemah maths.Tetibe die cam 'haa tgkla sendiri'.Oh my god,i was in a state of confusion for like 15mins?haha.Was very relieved and thankful to god.
Btw,to my dear friend Iwa who was quarantined due to fever flu and whatsoever,i hope u get well soon aite :)
Oh and this week byk kelas cancel.Best best :)

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*ika* said...

wah, congrats aimi :)