Friday, September 4, 2009

Oh man im so back!

I couldnt believe how back in time i was.Like seriously,br skrg nk bt FACEBOOK?Man i suck dat bad.Its not that im nt aware of its existence,its just that i couldnt be bothered at first.I was rather sceptical.i said;
Come on laaa,myspace friendster pun x terlayan,cmne nk tambah lg?
But eventually,i had to fall to it.Its not that i want to keep in track with the technology,its just that thats where my friends are.So rather,im into it coz i wanna keep contact with them since they r not dat active in other social networking sites. :)
Anyway,last Mon watched UP!It was cute,n sumhow touching.Awwwww :)
Anyways,finals r coming n im freaking scared.but at the same time,raya too! :D

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