Monday, August 9, 2010


On the 7th of August 2010, I went to Syidah's house at around 12 noon. Met her mom and on and on. Went up to her room, and then she told me to pick a bag as a souvenir from her. She had bought all the bags from Vietnam you see. And they were all pretty! Wished I could pick all. Haha. But my pick was a large cream bag, with pink and green swirls :)
Later, Milah fetched us and off to Pyramid! We wanted to watch a movie but the queue was too long, so we've decided to have lunch instead. And Ryan told us that he'll be spending us, since he just got back from Singapore. So yeah, he spent us Nando's :)
A while later, I cut my fringe for RM5. Oh and Daddy gave me money to buy a pair of shoes. And so I did. A pair from Charles&Keith for only RM50! Real bargain, and it was the last pair of my size, on the last day of their sale. After a few hours of hanging out, we decided to go home. Milah gave them all a ride, but hung out with me, Apek, and Meng at Darus in SS15. And Meng told us to have anything we want, all on him :)
God I love them all :)
Oh and the next day, I bought new spectacles and a blouse, courtesy of Daddy :)
Sayang semua orang :)

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