Thursday, August 12, 2010

Puasa Resolutions ;)

Its the second day of Ramadhan. Trust me, I am not complaining. YET. Truth is, I'm having my period. So in Islam, its considered as ladies' off days, where we are not allowed to fast. No, not that exciting. Yeah fun, I could eat whatever I want while others watch with their hungry eyes. I've been doing that actually ;p In fact, I ate a 500ml Nestle ice-cream just now. :D Its quite rude though, we're supposed to respect the others who fast. But I asked them whether they mind or not, and I'll scoot away. But they said its okay, so yeah, its okay :) Then again, I have to ganti puasa later on :(
By the way, I have puasa resolutions! :D
  1. Less buying of food.
  2. Less eating, especially late at night.
  3. Reduce sleeping.
  4. Stop buying accesories with reasons of ' for raya'
  5. Terawih in the IIUM mosque. At least once!
  6. Lessen my temper.
  7. And cursings.
Haha okay. Not according to order. Lets see whether I'll make it or not. ;) Happy Ramadhan!

1 comment:

ani arishah said...

i pun perioddd!
yest was my 1st day of period