Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Book Review: Eat Pray Love.

So a cousin of mine gave me a book. Well, it's Eat Pray Love from Liz Gilbert. 

The original cover
The cover of mine.

The author wrote it based on her experiences. Of how she has everything, a husband, a career, a newly bought house. But what she didn't want : children. From there, everything sprawled away, her gaps and fights with her husband and how she slept on the bathroom floor to calm herself. Believe me, I am an avid reader. I will usually try my very very best to finish a book/ novel in one day. I don't speed, but I immerse myself in it. I don't mind skipping meals as long as I get to finish whatever I am reading.

Man, this book took me weeks! The first part where she was in Italy, was okay. I have to admire the way she describes every detail with a detail. You could basically imagine the scenes and surroundings because she describes everything. It was a slightly draggy, but never mind, I tried to continue. 

The middle part, the one where she was in India, I have to say is the part that I procrastinate the most. Too draggy. It seems as if she's repeating herself again and again and again. Oh wait, the book is basically about her, so I find it boring, too self-centred and self-focused on. 

The last part where she was in Bali is written in a much better way. She gives an insight of the cultures, and the people and their ways, and her ways around their ways. 

In conclusion, I do not recommend this book. I am only 20 years old, so probably I am not the best age to read this though. 

I repeat, it is super draggy.

Oh, and here's the snippet that everyone's been reblogging on their Tumblr and stuffs saying it's so sweet blablabla. Well, it was actually what she wrote to herself in her diary. To motivate herself. 

See, I told you she can give a detail with a detail.


fara high yeah said...

maggie try watch the movie much more better. i ssh kot bce novel cnfm lmbt gile hbs. tgk muvie lg best! 2 hours dh hbs:) ngeeeeee:)

Anonymous said...


do u mind to change my name on ur blog list?


sorry for the inconvenienced. bukak puasa sama sama nak?


AimiMaggie said...

farahiyah: movie best ke?kawan i kate movie die pun bosan :/ ape ape pun, maggie rase cerita ni mcm untuk org 30-an :/

jol: you nak i tukar jd ape?rendra?

rendrazaleigh. said...

anything, as long as not my name

fara high yeah said...

kindda boring but sweet.yeah more like a married ppl should watch this kind of movie.

jak² said...

a little review of mine abt this story ; you girls are just COMPLICATED! ;p

cikfaathassan said...

i love the last picture. i mean the description, babe.