Saturday, May 23, 2009

With them :)

Been a long time since ive updated my blog.Sorry peeps,busy with many many stuffs.Anyway,yest went out wit my frens.Syidah Mella Jue Faiz Ryan Apek.Really gonna miss them since tomorrow im leaving off.We were really fickle minded.Nak makan tu nak makan ni.Or as Syidah said, nak makan STH CHEAP,TASTY AND AFFORDABLE.

Limited kan those type of food.So ended up eating ate Old Town.Yum yum.

Btw,about fossil.Got a call from sunway saying that my watch is repaired.SEE MY COMPLAINT WORKS AFTER ALL.PUAS HATI.And it came back all nice and shiny and the staffs sume frenly plak.Dah kene warning ek.HAHA PADAN MUKA KORANG!

Watched Nite at the museum 2.Funny,but in my opinion the first was better.coz we kinda know the storylines and the plot and all in all,predictable.But its a nice movie actually,esp for families and friends :)

Oh oh and,met Wawa! Sorryyyyy wa managed to see u for like,10 mins?Very kind of you to come all the way and see me eventho for just a few moments.Really really appreciate it.

And-Yik Cheong!aka Panjang *for his height* and also Brocolli!*since his name starts with a 'B; that is Brandon*Was walking when suddenly i heard 'mee goreng!' and i was like eh eh only one person calls me by dat name and that is yik cheong.He is getting taller weyyy.Seriously yik cheong,u better find a partner almost ur height.Like seriously.

Mella tired of doing candid pose.Haha candid la sgt milahhhh ;)

Ryan showing his 'samseng' facial expression.Righttttt.
Btw since im leaving tomorrow doubt il be online since not bringing laptop soooo wunt be updating for a few weeks.And that includes myspace.
Take care aite everyone,will miss u guys alot.

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