Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Frankly speaking, im quite excited to go to UIA.Or maybe, its the shopping part.Isn't it fun buying stuffs for yourself? * and especially its not your money pun!*

Like my mum said,macam nak pindah rumah.Bought tees,electric kettle,bedsheets,pillows,pails,hangers and stuff.and to think of it, I need to get more stuff * oh and yes,my selendang *. Thats the fun part.But all good things must come to an end rite?Mine is coming soon.Like,really really soon.24th of may and i will be off. :(

I feel time flies really fast.Felt that f3 was just then,getting ready for PMR examination.Felt that f5 was just then,fooling around in class wit 5 Nekad and surrounded by the motherly warmth from Pn. Mah.Felt that spm was just around the corner and we were panicking.getting spm result from school is still fresh in my mind.And now,we have grown up,and going to unis.
How time really flies.
Neways,enough memorablia for now.Need my beauty sleep,since tomorrow will be seeing Jue Milah Syidah and idk the rest.Missing them so much.


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