Monday, May 18, 2009


Yeah,that's my name.Amy but it looks like Anuy.And its green.I dislike dat shade,yet dat lady wrote it in dat colour.It was 16th of May,Teacher's day, and also my daddy's birthday.He is 53!Cant believe dats his age,and I hope there are lots more to come.

Thats the cuppies.Choc Fudge.Adorable kan?

So last Fri went out with Mella,Apek,Wawa,Kirin and Syaza.Ryan joined in later.Had a terrible experience at Fossil.I am so complaining.Sent it for repair,but it came back with loads of scratches.And the staff can blame me??like wth.Did an official complaint,but the staff did those ticking sounds (ala yang mcm 'tsk'.those sounds dat u make wit ur tongue when ur pissed or irritated) while attending to me.Then I said, I want to sent it back,because im not satisfied,then they say il only receive in 3 MONTHS TIME.Ridiculous.

Anyway,enough of the anger.Watched Angels and Demons with them.Sorry Ryan,I always talk in movies.Hee :) In my opinion,from the way they plot the movie, they made it show as if everyone has their motive thus ul be thinking 'maybe this is the one who did dat' or 'ntah ntah diz guy'.

Oh and met Navina,Shaung,Adam,Dinesh.And when I told them Im enrolling in UIA,they were like this:

Aimi: Eh guys, Im going to UIA taw.Economics and Sc management.Its in Nilai.

Navina: Wat does that stand for?

Aimi: Close,but not.Universiti Islam Antarabangsa.

Navina: Eh means,you have to wear tudung!

Adam: Aimi wear tudung?Omg,i cant imagine.Ive never seen her in one.

Dinesh: Eh yeah never see!Eh got laaa,in school.during agama oni she wear.

Shaung: Yeaaaa!Like Cina like dat.U wearing tudung ar?Aiyooo aimi,u sure ah?

Cant believe?I cant either,but will soon be.

me and mella,in Pappa rich.

mella and syaza.

her being bored waiting for food.

Im leaving end of the week.Really miss u guys so much..taa :(

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