Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day of hyperness n fun :)

Maybe its the Gloria Jeans Choco Locco, or the choc muffin that i only had a few bites and Milah finish it off or we were just having pure fun.As usual, being a hyper as i am,i laughed my head off even at petty thgs.And we took loads of pictures and went lunatic at Toys 'R' Us. * and i was crazy over there,i saw a Plankton toy that if u press this sum kind of thg,its eyes n tongue and will pop out,and this Elmo that if u press its tummy,it will sing 'Mmmuahh!Elmo loves u,blablabla' and it ends wit its signature laughter,and this masquederate masks,and many more lah,i was very excited as u can see*
thats Mella :)

Syidah n Ryan (note syidah's face ;p)

Yeah,her face expression is priceless!Hahaha im deaddd.

Thats Jue,shes stuck in dere coz Ryan locked her in.she still luk gd kan?

The Wall.According to theory,it makes u luk taller.Does it?

Syidah showing off her nose,and Jue,awww :)

Jue striking a pose.

Out of ideas to pose,except jueee.



Candid shot.



As you can see,i suck at blogging.byk lg pics,but i had problems uploading n i cant find the pics from my hp and stuff.But il try to upload it as soon as possible after i fix d prob aite.And dear frens,tanx for d outing! :)

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