Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Splurge on the food,ppl!

Last sat,went to Impiana Hotel for iftar.Ouuuu.Food were everywhere,and in huge heaps too.Sume ada,cari saje.Everythg looks appetising *although everythg mmg luk appetising when ur hungry * and honestly,i lost my diet on that very day itself.

So last week ive gotten crazy,did thgs that i never/rarely did.But all in all,it was fun.Had fun wit with my course-mates,and non-course mate.Went to alamanda for iftar and also realising that curfew is at 10pm.Well,slept for like an hour?And went through loads of thgs,when i said loads,i mean seriously,LOADS but its fun to go through the memories,coz its very happy and enjoyable :) c'mon korang,bt lg ke nx sem? ;p

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