Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Iftar again,we love iftars ;)

Well,today just a few hours ago,had an iftar at Mama's Laundry and Cafe.Its quite cool actually.But the process to go there,damn it!I went out from my hse around 630,and by the time i passed tru Shah Alam it was 715pm tanx to the rain and massive jam.As i got there,i went lost.Was like,shit,Seksyen 7 besar giler!Called Aisya J,for many many times.And there were situations like diz:
Aimi:Hey aisya,tlg i,im lost!
Aisya:Where are u now?
Aimi:Erm,Sect 7.Dekat Pak Li ke?Hurry2!
Aisya:Erm erm tak?Haziq,come on up here!
Haziq:Hello?Where are u?
Aimi:I dunt know!
Haziq:Just tell where are you???please!
Aimi:i dunt know!!errr ade construction...flats..and flats....
Haziq:Where d hell is that?i dunt know either!
And we danced to songs,karaoke,and limbooooo!We danced alot,shake shake shake! ;p


hawa mahirah said...

what's iftar?

aimi maggie said...

berbuka puasa :)