Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Well im almost through with my finals, im left up with Statistics and English Speaking Test. Honestly, im more afraid for the speaking test. Coz we will be sitting in the classroom one-to-one with the person who will assess you, and what it if i babble stuffs or just stay blank and wide-eyed open?
Anyway, throughout my finals, ive been sitting beside Arishah. And we always end up finishing early and badly wanted to get out of the hall as soon as possible but just dont have the damn guts to do it.
I will always be looking at her trying to say
"babe im done and are you coz den we can get out together?"
And i bet she thinks the same way,only we didnt cross glances at the same time,and we finally did like,half an hour later??Haha great. And it happen few times pun.Ape nii no chemistry?kate twins ;p
Oh and yest i went out to McD with Arishah and Shafiq. Dahla panas sbb aircon mcd rosak -_-"
And adelah orang tu mkn fries dengan selambanye.(inside joke)
It goes like,
A: amik fries*
B: oh ambik lah*
A: well she cant say no to me
C: thats not my fries*
A: *gives that stunned face for a while and continued eating cover malu*
Best kan Arishah lalu that road? ;)


arishahani said...

ahahah..the mc'd moment is totally funny!geez~
that road?grrr haha

Aimi/maggie said...

hahaha true!jyeah,that road!one day jom!