Saturday, February 27, 2010

From Paris, With Love.and Misc Pain

On Friday, went to Sunway *again* after the Friday prayers with my brother. He dropped me off at the entrance while he searched for a parking lot. I was assigned to see movie showtimes. When I arrived at the cinema area, I was basically squinting.
I couldn't see without my glasses!
Which I did not bring obviously. I was still trying to squint my best and try make out words (for the movie titles) and digits (for showtimes).
And out of a sudden, someone called
and my immediate response in my head was
"Finally a saviour!"
Was too relieved that I immediately responsed with
" Oh my god,i love you!"

It was Nat.

Sorry! And I said that in front of his gurlfie, sorry dear! :) Neways, he helped me read the screen alongside with his gurlfie giving out which had stated FEW on them. Thanks u guys!
Oh and had a surprise when I sat in the cinema, 'cause right then a girl that looks TOO familiar sat beside me.And I was in disbelief, because it was Fanah! Shafiq's best mate :)

Btw, my legs are killing me 'cause I walked in high heels the whole day! Was too tortured by it that I simply take it off and rested my legs for a while in the mall. Haha. I did that many times in my life dah. :D


farhanah said...

hahaha. i'm your 'tag'...?
flattered :P
anyway, i teringat my time pakai high heels jln kat kl smpi org trpksa support me while i ws walking. ha ha.
beauty is pain. sigh.
hope to see u again tmrrw :)

Aimi/Maggie said...

awww you should be :)
woahaha that's terrible,till someone had to support you.I usually do the weird stuff,taking off my heels and walk barefooted :D