Tuesday, February 9, 2010

One and only

To you,
I'm sorry I've hurt you.I'm sorry i broke my promises again and again.I told u I couldn't bear seeing u hurt,yet thats what I've been doing.I'm sorry i didn't take care of your heart like you did to mine.I'm sorry the way i treated you was as if i didn't appreciate you.I'm sorry i didn't put that happy smile on your face as often as I used to, or make u laugh as I've always did in our early days together.
You know sayang, i love you sangat sangat.I do appreciate you,and i don't want to take you for granted.I know people like you don't come always.I bet if u baca u akan cakap kat i, "i bukannye pape,you yang special,lucky me". Actually,lucky me.remember my anny card that I did for you?I cakap kat you, I nak you rase lucky ada I.tapi somehow,I tak rase sampai tahap tu lagi.
Maybe jauh lagi.
Tapi I nak capai gak tahap tu.
I just hope you'll be patient for me.
You've always been there.Right where you are.
And right now,kite tengah face finals.I tengah stress,siap tulis blog lagi.And u tengah blajar.Yet u still have time to text me, to calm me down.Banyak lagi je kebaikan you if i nak tulis semua,sampai besok pun tak habis lagi.Bout families and all.Sacrifices.Many many more.
Thank you bie,for being in my life....i love you so much..dont ever leave me,and i wanna live with you till the end.insya allah... :'(


Izura Shukor said...

Okay... Somehow, when I read this, I feel as if Shafiq dah besar. The things you wrote about him makes me feel as if Shafiq is now a true man! Which I still tak nampak! Lol. But whatever that's going on between you guys, I think it will last long as I know how Shafiq will cherish and treasure you, Insya-Allah forever sampai anak-cucu. I'll pray for you guys. I love you as how I love Shafiq. You're like my sister as he's like a brother to me.

Ceh... I'm getting too caught up.

Anyways, good luck for finals. Jgn stress sgt ok. :D

Shay :) said...

:') Thx hunny.. N THX SIS!!

Aimi/Maggie said...

to izura: yeah,he's kinda grown,different from the 1st time i met him to after we became together.more matured?i do hope we will last long,insya allah if god allows.and thanks for the prayer :) and i love u too sis :)
and good luck for your finals too ;p

to bie: ur welcome sayang..love u so much :)