Friday, February 12, 2010


Currently, I'm left up with only 2 papers. Did I just say ONLY? Yes i did. I just went through my FIM paper tadi,oh god. I knew I could do better.yet I dissapoint myself as usual. But I'm home now. Yeay me.

Coz I just couldn't stand Nilai any longer. 2 or 3 weeks I've not been home. Oh my. Miss my bed,my family. Anything that resembles home in it. Aahhh.

Home. Its where the heart is right? For some,its not. It might be hatred. Or maybe fear. Or plainly, boring.

For me, home is where i keep my comfort in. Where I could just relax,let me de-stress..laze around..being bossed around (typical parents!).but then again,thats why i love it.

The other day, me and my dormmates were talking bout life after marriage. Heh. Only 19 yet talking bout this? tu namenye berangan :P

So, we were kinda debating shave kaki haram tak. She said haram, unless lebat sangat. Another she said, haram, unless husband suruh. Another she said, wax jelah, kan senang. Hahah senang tapi saket la sayang :) I said,
kenapa husband tu tak menerima je wife die seadanya? unless lebat sangat sampai curly curly tu, darurat dah tu.

Oh and oh we talked bout pregnancy. *i know,berangan!* they were saying it will be next painful moment other than death. That pretty much explains for if mati bersalin is mati shahid. And they were comparing between au naturale or
caesarean. Both pun pros and cons. And they were saying that husbands should be by their wife's sides when they are giving labour, so they will love their one and only wife even more. And that they should take leaves to take care of their wife. And the baby. Haha. Demanding aren't we? :)

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