Tuesday, February 23, 2010

When you have low anti-bodies.ishhh.

Its odd that when you are away from home, the very place you wanted it to be: home.
But, when you are at home, all you wanna do is: go out.
And that is why it is called ungrateful :)

Oh and oh, yesterday I went off to Sunway with my parents.
I left them in a spot to sit, while I'm supposed to find Fossil and repair my watch.
*its battery has died,and its stones dropped off thanks to someone*
Then, I ran downstairs to get reload asap.
*didn't want my parents to know coz I don't want them to find me as a daughter who don't know how-to-manage-her-money-well which I am*
And yes, on the way up, I felt like..the surrounding noise was getting faint..and everything started to be blurry..my hands and knees were trembling..had a hard time trying to focus...was having cold sweat..had to sit down for a while to be okay again.
Then,it occurred to me that, I am not supposed to run.
If i do that, I'll be dizzy and have these faint-symptoms.
Haish. :(
Lucky I was okay by night time.

P/s: Have a safe journey bie from P.D to Nilai, Nilai to B.J,come home soon, I miss you! :) and thanks Daddy for the Bvlgari perfume eventhough its tiny,I still love it :D


Shafiq said...

I am safe, In ur hand :)

Aimi/Maggie said...

u better be,if anythg happens ur gonna make me cry my eyes out..