Saturday, May 15, 2010

Do you smoke?Hmm.

I always wonder. Kids nowadays smoke. And believe me, they ARE kids. Like, Standard 4? That is 10 years old? Or there could be younger. In fact, there are somewhere out there. What is so cool about it? Or what is to be pressured about by your friends?

Its like a pattern. As they grow older, its a must to try smoking. Is it cool? Maybe for them it is cool, you know, a ciggie hanging by the end of their hands. Puffing away effortlessly. And mostly boys. It might be fun now. Wait 20 years later. Its a long term effect. See if you think its still cool to die out of smoking.

Die? Did I just say die? Yes. It shortens your life. Risk of you getting lung cancer is higher. You can get heart attacks. Think about your loved ones. Won't they be sad seeing you ill. Yeah, you might be thinking, you've been smoking for a long time. Nothing happens. Yet.
And there is such a thing as second-hand smoke. Its where people around you inhale that air you exhaled from the smoke. They don't smoke, but they have the same diseases as direct smoking. Damn it.
I have a true story to tell. My teacher's dad, he was a heavy smoker. And one day, he fell sick. Doctor diagnosed him with throat cancer. Later on, his condition worsen. There was this hole forming bigger and bigger at his throat. Its hollow. And he couldn't eat. He was tube fed. And he started to threw up. Threw up his little pieces/chunks of his own throat's flesh. It must have hurt badly. His family cried seeing his condition. And he died later, a slow agonizing death. I bet you smokers don't want that to happen right.
They say its a habit. You know the saying, old habits die hard. Then TRY. Put an effort. Push yourself. Its hard yeah, but nobody says its impossible right?
They say they can't. They have habits on smoking. Lepas makan kene smoke. Supposedly dessert? If they have stress, its a must to smoke. Its a way of relaxing themselves, making them think properly. If they need to stay awake, they must smoke. It keeps you awake. Duh of course it does, with all its poisons inside you how can't it not?
Please stop smoking.
Notice I did not say please TRY to stop smoking? Because trying is only an attempt. Its for your own good anyway.
For you and your loved ones.


farhanah said...

smokers don't care if they die early or if their bodies get torn apart or whatever.
they can't live without cigarettes. they can't live without their own murderers.
they're stupid.

ps; haha, sorry emo.

Aimi/Maggie said...

i know right, i just don't understand them. And its a big big waste of money. god, i hope shafiq will stop real soon.
nah its okay :)

blue grouse said...

smoking best

Aimi/Maggie said...

noooo its not!!its harmfullll