Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Its a happy-happy day :)

So Syidah asked me to accompany her to Parade. She is currently job hunting, as you called it. I told her to be there at 12.30 sharp. We met at 1.30 due to some lateness reasons. -.- Coincidently, Shafiq was there too. Hehehe,so I walked with both of them. I was starving,so we went to RotiBoy. I ate 5 mini croissants! Its small yeah, but still. 5! We chatted and chatted while waiting for Ryan's break at 3pm. And my, both of them were disgusting! While I was eating, Syidah was telling me of birth labor and stuffs,ughhh. And Shafiq was telling me about sunat/circumcised! Full and detailed description. U guys ni -.-
At 3pm, Ryan came with Harith! Ryan works in Celebrity Fitness, Harith at Boost. We accompanied them for lunch, had perverted jokes -.- oh and Syidah applied for her jobs at both places! Hahaha kesian die, terus interview ;p
Meanwhile, Shafiq had to go home early. :(
Sorry bie I showed to you I was mad :(
Later on, me and Syidah went to Boost and drank some of those healthy stuff recommended by Harith. Healthyyyyyy. Hahaha. And we had those banana cake for free. And its healthyyyyy, I could barely taste its sweetness! But its still good ;)
So yeah, pictures from today. Too bad we did not take any pictures with the guys.
Oh and we met Akid and his girlfriend I think? and Taufiq. and Lela! :)

Boost's Banana Slice

Syidah at Boost

Hehehe sorry! had to put this pic up :D

Note Syidah's cat-like face.

Ignore the moving head.

So yeah, I had fun :)

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