Saturday, May 29, 2010

Its All About You

Its a Saturday.
I was very psyched that he is gonna come back tomorrow. He went away on Thursday morning. I told him I'll spam his hp inbox because I miss him badly. Now I need to spam my own blog.

Opened my Facebook account, and right on top of the page, I saw him wishing his friend a birthday wish. I was about to be mad, you can post on your friend's wall and not mine?? And then I saw another post, stating he will back from Saigon on Monday. Lagi la bengang, because why didn't he tell me? And don't give me the excuse tak boleh nak contact, sebab bukak FB boleh pulak? Being mad, went to his profile page and saw his current activities; one included writing on his friend's wall :(
Sedih kotttt. So I went to my blog page, and I read my FeedJit, and saw a visitor from Trung, Ninh Binh (did i get that right?). Immediately, my heart leaped. A reader from Vietnam! Hey, I got a reader from Vietnam!! I am so gonna tell him I got a reader from Vietnam! Oh wait-Vietnam? Shit.
Its him. -.- I have a strong feeling it was him, since it was 4 hours 59/58 mins ago, and he logged on FB 5 hours ago. Okay, now I sound like a stalker. Yikes. Sorry bie, its just that I miss you badly, just many things ran through my mind on why you didn't contact me instead of your friends. Sorry sayang. :( Hey, don't think I'll let you off just like that. You need to explain why you're back on Monday not tomorrow.
I love you!


Shafiq Shamshir said...

Hahaha did u really thing i would miss ur blog? Well im sorry i cnt get to u tht often im using d Hotels PC n its driving me nuts cus lembab like s**t zzzz :( N i did get ur msg btw :) Ouh n bout d 'be back on monday' im really2 sorry sbb we have some prob neeed to be settle here :( sorry sgt2.. cant wait to see you :( misss u badlky, love u to, cume lil bit more laaa, like this big *streacthing my arm* n i knw i love u more cus my hands r bigger muahahahahha

Aimi/Maggie said...

Who knows you lagi pentingkan your friend than me thinking that I would be understanding enough :( well sayang, you could write something for me kan, instead of just viewing. you know i'm actually waiting for a miracle that somehow ade cara u boleh contact i or something.. :( hmm yela yela see you on monday i guess..i dah excited u balik besok, but somehow mmg ade gerak hati you akan balik lambat, but i was still hoping ntah2 u balik awal saje nak surprise i :( and we have the same size of hands bie -.- love you darling. miss you so much :(

p/s: *think, settled, badly, too, stretching, arms. Sorry! i perfectionist skit ;p and yes, i know u got my texts, i got delivery notifications every time :)