Friday, May 21, 2010

Of Glee

I bet there are so many fans of Glee out there. Even my friends are fans of them. Wait. Fanatics. The first episode they watched and they went crazy. Godd. I could die. Haha. Aisya and Mira even went to the Glee Flash Mob in The Gardens some time ago. The Flash Mob is an event where these Glee fans danced to songs by Glee Cast.
However, it took me weeks to finally watch it. Guess the vibe was kinda slow for me. Hehehe. But, after I did watch it, I still didn't find it THAT exciting. I found myself fast forwarding the scenes. Even stopping halfway and finish up other stuffs rather than to complete it at that time.

God, she is the main annoyance. The way she talks, and act and all those. Annoying! Even when she sings, it gets annoying. I had to forward her part, or lower down the volume. Poor my ears.

He's cool. One of the casts that I am actually okay. He knows what he want, and he is not afraid to do decisions.

He is sweet, but he has his parts that annoys me. He don't know what he wants, one moment he wants this, another moment he wants that. And seriously, you're that dumb that you don't know how a baby is produced? You're a guy for god's sake, and a quarterback on the football team. You're supposed to know how it happen.

Mr. Schuster
He is nice, he always has a positive thinking about things. Though he always has a tendency to do mistakes in his life.

She is amazing! The way she defend herself, never backing down, and the way she blackmail Figgins. And her cynical sinister. Awesome :D

He knows what he wants, and he strives to be it. Eventhough he is gay, and things don't go his way, with people mocking him around. He still try to prove that he can make it no matter what he is.

So yeah, at times I find Glee boring, and annoying at times. But the songs can be fun too, minus Rachel's annoying voice. This are just my opinions, it may be biased though.Hmmm.


Anonymous said...

how dare u kutuk gleeeeeeeeeeeee???!

Aimi/Maggie said...

hahahah i only said its a tad annoying ;p